As the holiday season approaches, things get more complex and life gets busier. The coming Christmas seasons brings along the numerous parties you just have to attend. Also, you might be thinking of throwing a party at your own house too. For the best party ever, everything needs to be cleaned so that your guests can get a tidy environment to enjoy their time. Things before and after the Christmas can get messy, and dry cleaning and laundry can be a challenging task on hand.

Reward Laundry is here to take away all your worries. Whether it is pants, sweaters, gowns or any other laundry, we offer our customers a complete range of laundry cleaning. We use innovative cleanser solutions, offer the best fluff and not to forget fold services.

Garments are not the only thing that needs washing and cleaning before and after Christmas. Other stuff that needs a wash include carpets, household sheets, curtains, bags and more.

Why Choose Us?

  • Innovative cleaning solutions for stain removal

  • Professional dry cleaning results

  • One stop solution for cleaning garments and household items like bedsheets, carpets, curtains

  • Affordable dry cleaning and laundry services in Singapore
  • One stop service to repair and alter garments, curtains, bed linen, etc.
  • Free door to door delivery

You would definitely have lots of clothes for cleaning from attending all the Christmas functions you love. And don’t worry, we at Reward Laundry are here to serve you!

Quality Controlled Cleaning

What makes us different from the rest of the dry cleaning and laundry companies is our quality controlled cleaning. We inspect all hard stains before starting the cleaning process. We also welcome special cleaning instructions from our customers to avoid any damage to the delicate garments. With all organic cleaning solutions, we do our utmost best to remove the stains without damaging the quality of the garment or household item. Not all companies do that. You will have fresh smelling and clean clothes to wear. They are perfectly ironed before delivery. Our team inspects the quality of the cleaning before dispatching the order. So your stuff gets clean and fresh when it reaches before the important Christmas party.

Who would have thought dry cleaning and laundry would be so easy in Singapore? Your clothes will be pressed, packaged or placed on hangers so you have to worry about wrinkles and stains.  Premium care is what we strive for and we have been successfully providing our customers the quality they are looking for.

Whether you need an urgent cleaning order or you need advance bookings, we are here to assist you to meet your dry cleaning requirements. How great is that?

Don’t worry about cleaning for Christmas, just give Reward Laundry a call and you will have everything fresh and clean in a flash.