Mascot should be cleaned every time after used. We provide mascot cleaning and repairing services as a one stop solutions. We clean each and every part of your mascot separately depending on its material. A mascot that is well taken care of, will last longer than you expected. Our cleaning process includes sanitising and odour removal.

Our services include pick up and delivery of mascot at your doorstep. Send us a photo of your mascot for an non-obligated quote. Once order is confirmed, leave the mascot to our staff to complete the rest of the process.

About one week time, your mascot will be returned looking fresh and new again! We are a phone call away, our staff is ready to provide you with further details!

Our Mascot Cleaning Stages:

Day 1 – Mascot Internal & External Inspection 100%
Day 2 – Minor Repair (Stitching, Glueing, Patching etc) 100%
Day 3 – High Temperature Cleaning 100%
Day 4 – Spot Cleaning 100%
Day 5 – Low Temperature Drying 100%
Day 6 – Sanitising For Odour Removal 100%
Day 7 – Quality Check 100%

Mascot Stains Removal

If your mascot is stained during your event, our dedicated team will be able to support you for stain or dirt removal. We would like you to have fun with your important day without worry about your mascot. If you require Express Service, Call us directly and our staff will expedite your request for you. Speak to our staff or email us a photo of your mascot for further assessment. Talk to us today!

Here, you enjoy one-stop service on top of cleaning service. We ensure your mascot costume receive a full checking and restoration services back to its original state. The following are common repair service needed:

  • Mascot Broken Thread

  • Mascot Zipper Replacement

  • Mascot Parts Replacement – Subject to availibity

  • Mascot Torn Patching

  • Mascot Rubber Replacement

  • Mascot Minor Alteration

Whatsapp Us a photo of your mascot now for an accurate quoate. Price includes Pickup and delivery!

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