Sofa Covers Dry Cleaning Service Singapore

We suggest to wash your sofa covers once every quater. Our experience team would determine the best detergent as well as method to wash your sofa covers based on the type of material you have. To prevent shrinking and colour fading, try not to wash your sofa covers at home. Furthermore, with our industrial washing machine, your sofa covers is guaranteed to be clean inside out. Sofa cleaning is vital for your home general hygiene health. If you have a pet at home, you may want to fix a cleaning routine for your sofa covers. We also provide mattress or duvet cleaning in Singapore.

Single Seater Sofa Cover Set

From $6500piece
  • Include Stains Removal
  • Free Delivery
  • 4-5 Working Days

Cushion Cover

From $800piece

Sofa covers stains can be very difficult to clean. Send your sofa covers for cleaning as soon as possible when you notice a stain. Reward Laundry will try our best to remove any stains for our customers. Speak to our customer service to find out more.

Upholstery Cleaning Singapore

*Indicative pricing for Sofa Covers cleaning in Singapore. Please take note that the price range below are for estimation only, actual pricing will depend on your sofa material, design and condition.

1 Seater

From $2500pcs

2 Seaters

From $4500pcs

3 Seaters

From $6500pcs

3 Seaters L-Shape

From $8500pcs