Comforter Washing Singapore

Follow The Washing Label

Washing Label Checking

The most important step is to check your comforter washing instructions before you wash them. Different comforter materials may require different washing methods and hence, a careful inspection is necessary to prolong your comforter lifespan. If you own a silk, feather or down comforter, you will require professional dry cleaner help. Never wash your delicate comforter at home.

Follow The Washing Label

Fragrance-free and Organic Detergent

The fewer chemical in your detergent the better it will be for your skin. Generally, a normal mild soap is sufficient to clean your comforter. However, we recommend you use a reputable dry cleaner if you are not sure. At Reward Laundry, we are specialized in comforter washing with environmentally friendly detergent. We understand that the size and the weight of a comforter may not be easy to handle, hence we provide free island-wide delivery in Singapore. You may check our comforter washing price before booking.

Drying Your Comforter

Gentle and Delicate Drying

To ensure your comforter is fluffy after drying, you need to make sure the fabric doesn’t crumple up inside the machine. You may add drying balls to your machine or do a manual check every 30 minutes. Some prefer to send their comforter to a coin-operated dryer machine however this may take up some of your precious time. Make sure your comforter is dry thoroughly especially if you are washing it for storage.

How Frequent Should I Wash My Comforter?

Together With Your Duvet: Once A Week

We recommend you clean your entire set of duvet set at least once a week. We know Singapore’s climate is super humid and sometimes day and night temperatures may fluctuate greatly. So to remove the common stains of body oil, sweat, and stains, regular washing is required to ensure extra comfort during your sleep.

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