Can I store other kind of garment than wedding dress in your facilities?2019-09-03T16:17:17+08:00

Yes. If you have any other piece of garments with sentimental value, or for any other specific reason you would like to store for the long term. Please contact us with detailed information. Our staff will assess your requirements and consult you accordingly.

What can i store inside my preservation box?2019-08-27T17:03:33+08:00

You may preserve your veil, wedding shoe, tiara, and gloves inside your preservation box. Each item will be wrapped and packed separately before placing it into the box. However, we do not recommend any jewelry to be stored for security reason.

What Is Gown Preservation?2019-09-03T16:18:02+08:00

Wedding gown preservation is a unique process to prepare your gown for long term storage. Your gown will be cleaned and subsequently placed inside a custom made box for protections. The design of the box is to support the gown to be at an optimum environment to prevent enzyme, mould, mildew etc to grow. This process is unique to textile archiving and it’s normally performed by professionals at a clean environment.

What if I would like to terminate the storage before my term ends?2019-08-27T15:16:00+08:00

Please give us one month notice to prepare the payment cancellation and the return of the gown. For the monthly subscription plan, we will stop charging you the subsequent month payment upon receiving your notice. For annually subscription plan, the following year payment will be canceled thereafter. No refund for any unused storage month for the paid year.

Do you have insurance coverage for my gown storage?2019-08-27T15:02:17+08:00

Yes. Your gown has to be insured while in storage. Your gown will be insured for Indemnity Value. This means the value is the replacement cost less an assessed allowance for condition, age, wear and tear. However, We do not act on behalf of the insurer. We are the insured and subject to the Claims Conditions, we will claim from the insurer on your behalf.

Can I preserve my gown by myself?2019-08-26T16:32:29+08:00

There will be risk wrapping and boxing your wedding dress on your own. Not doing it properly is damaging the fabric instead of preserving it. Our hand and body produce oil, when in contact with gown may cause yellow stains to develop over time. Furthermore, preserving it at home may have unexpected stains depending on where you perform this process. Considering the investment of your wedding dress and the sentimental value of it, we highly recommend you to leave this process to the professionals.

How do I pay for gown storage service?2019-08-23T15:01:11+08:00

You may pay monthly or annually. If you opt for monthly payment, your credit card will be charged automatically every month. You will receive an email receipt after payment.

Can I store my gown in a plastic cover?2019-08-23T14:53:19+08:00

Storing your gown in a plastic cover is one of the worst options. The reason is plastic tends to trap moisture and cause mildew, mould, yellow stains to develop.

Can I take a look at my gown during the storage period?2019-08-23T14:50:20+08:00

Yes. Just inform our staff 3 days in advance and fix an appointment with us. You are able to view and check your gown at our center.

What benefits do I get by storing my gown at your facility?2019-08-23T14:48:11+08:00

First of all, our storage room is maintained at constant temperature and humidity. Drastic rise and drop of temperature during day and night may cause the gown material to accumulate moisture in the air. Furthermore, our staff provides a regular check for your gown (every quarterly) and update you with the storage conditions. With tight securities (24 hours CCTV surveillance), your gown will be maintained at the optimum environment at all time. If yet, any yellow stains still develop during the storage period, we provide cleaning service free or else at a discounted rate.

Why do I need to store my gown at your facility?2019-08-23T14:43:47+08:00

After years of providing preservation services, our customers came back to us for more solutions. Being in Singapore, our living space become smaller, and with high humidity of over 90%, we find that there is a need for professional storage for the most important dress in your life. Hence, we take one step further in providing storage services to our brides.

How soon should I preserve my gown after wedding?2019-08-23T14:39:22+08:00

Well, the answer is as soon as possible. As stains (visible & invisible) may start to sip into the fabric fiber deeper and deeper over time, we advise brides to send in their gown right after their weddings. Reward Laundry is specialized in this area, and our free delivery will solve the hassle.

Can I hang my wedding gown in wardrobe for long term?2019-08-23T14:35:52+08:00

Hanging your wedding gown on a hanger for long-term when you store it is actually bringing harm to the gown. The weigh of the gown may weaken the gown strap, or even create hangle nipples on your gown. The best way to store your gown is to preserve it and store it in a cool dark dry place with humidity below 50. Speak to our staff to find out more about the storage solutions we offer.

Do you clean Roman Blinds?2019-08-12T22:56:51+08:00

Yes, we do. We are able to dismantle and install your roman blinds. A minor repair can be done as well.

Do you provide curtain repair or resizing service?2019-08-12T22:54:42+08:00

Yes, we do. We have our in-house alteration team to support your needs. Provide us with your measurements and our sewing team will fix your curtain within the time frame.

Do you provide on-the-spot steam cleaning for curtain?2019-08-12T22:51:17+08:00

Yes, we do. Curtain steam cleaning can be done within 1-2 hours. Our staff will bring professional equipment to your house/office to perform the cleaning. The maximum curtain height for steam cleaning is 6 meters.

Do you clean office/retail space curtains?2019-08-12T22:48:26+08:00

Yes, we do. Please contact us directly to discuss your requirement. After hour dismantling and installation can be arranged case by case basis.

How much to clean my curtains?2019-08-12T22:46:30+08:00

We provide an estimation tool to assist you in your budget planning. Please follow this link to get a rough estimation of your curtain cleaning cost. Please take note that the actual pricing is still based on actual weigh we take on the spot.

Can I buy only the preservation box from you?2017-10-19T14:11:22+08:00

No. As we need to ensure the quality of the preservation, only our trained staff will be able to perform the preservation process. We will need to ensure the quality of our work and box to be used correctly.

I have already dry cleaned my gown with another provider, can you do only preservation for my gown?2017-10-19T14:07:25+08:00

No. As we are not able to guarantee the quality of the dry cleaned gown, we will recommend you to dry clean with us again before preservation.

Can I clean my gown first and preserve it another time?2017-10-19T14:06:02+08:00

We strongly recommend that you do cleaning and preservation together. As the gown is at its cleanest condition, we preserve it at it’s best. Any exposure outside will cause new stains and dirt which in long term, turned in to yellowish spots. We will request you to clean the gown again if it has been cleaned more than one week.

Can you remove the stains from my dress before preservation?2017-10-19T14:03:08+08:00

We will use our best effort to remove the stains on your gown, however we are not able to guarantee 100% removal. We will not compromise your fabric material with strong and harsh stains removal detergent. Up to 98% of the time, we are able to remove the stains found on your dress.

What are the features of your preservation box?2017-10-19T14:00:07+08:00

Our preservation box is dust proof and waterproof. As the box is sealed entirely, it’s insect and pest proof as well.

Can I dry clean my gown without preservation?2017-10-19T13:55:54+08:00

Yes. you may dry clean your gown with us. Without preservation, please store your dress in a good ventilated area with low humidity. Strong a dress with plastic wrap is a wrong practice, as this will stop the gown from breathing and it may trap any humidity which speed up enzyme to develop. Strong a dress in a vacuum pack will caused the gown to change shape over time as well.

Can I take my gown out for checking after preservation?2017-10-19T13:51:42+08:00

A clean glove is provided in your preservation box. You may use it to do checking on your gown when you need to touch it. We recommend that you do not take your gown out completely to avoid pollution and contamination. You may peel the gown by layers during checking, and place them back carefully. Once you notice yellow spots started to develop, send it back to us immediately. If that happens, we strongly suggest you to change your storage location as the humidity of the area may not be ideal for your gown.

Will the detergent you used bring harms to my dress?2017-10-19T13:46:56+08:00

At Reward Laundry, we are using delicate and gentle eco friendly detergent for your gown cleaning. Our detergent is approved my the government and environmental agencies. Your dress will be protected from harmful chemical. The entire process will be handled with extra care.

Can you remove stains on my curtains?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

Curtain stains may be hard to remove as they normally harden after being exposed to sunlight and had been there for a period of time. Reward Laundry will do our best to remove stains. However, total removal of stains is not guaranteed.

Do you guarantee your work?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

While we can assure you that our dry cleaning process is gentle on the curtains, there are still risks involved. Curtains do deteriorate over time and due to Singapore weather, some curtains become weak after years of sunlight. We will advise customers to replace new curtains if it is deem that the curtains are very old or material is likely to be unable to take the dry clean treatment.

Do you clean Blackout curtains?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

Yes. Blackout curtain might have holes after dry cleaning if they are not handled properly. Please use only experienced dry cleaner for your blackout curtains.

Do you clean drapes with special design?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

Yes, please send a photo of your drapes to us at rewardlaundry@gmail.com and our staff will advise you accordingly.

Do you provide hooks for installation?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

Yes. We provide hooks for you if you include dismantle & installation services in your order.

Should I dismantle and install the curtain by myself?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

Our staff are trained to dismantle and install your curtains. We will carefully label each curtain as per our workflow. So unless you are very sure the locations to hang each curtain, it’s best advised to let us do the job.

How do I make booking for curtain cleaning?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

You may call our hotline at 6534 4843, pop out our live chat box at bottom right corner, or book online or drop us an email at rewardlaundry@gmail.com

How frequent should I clean my curtains?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

Once a year, or every 6 months if you have pets in the family.

How long do you take to clean curtains?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

Our normal service takes 4-5 working days.However, they can be returned within 48 hours if you use our Express service. The Express service rate is double the normal prices.

Do you Iron/Steam curtain after cleaning?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

Curtain is easily damaged if you iron them. While your curtain may come back slightly wrinkled after dry cleaned, it is recommended that you use weights to straighten the fabric fibre again. Hanging your curtain after a week normally will solve  the problems.

How should I clean my curtain?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

Most curtains are advised to be dry cleaned only as curtains might shrink if they are in contact with water.

Do you offer corporate rate to companies?2015-08-09T08:38:35+08:00

Yes. we offer long term corporate rate to companies staffs and their families. At 15% discount, our corporate member could enjoy all our services includes laundry, dry cleaning, alteration, wedding gown cleaning etc. Drop us an email at rewardlaundry@gmail.com stating your interest. We will get back to you within 24 hours!

Can I request to press a crease/not to on my trousers?2015-08-09T08:33:11+08:00

Yes. If you have specific request, let us know. Our well trained pressing team could match your requirements with attention to details.

Can I have my items back folded instead of on hangers?2015-08-09T08:30:25+08:00

Yes. We understand this is easier for traveling. Make a remark on which item you would like to be folded and we would handle them for you!

Do you have membership/VIP scheme?2015-08-09T08:17:58+08:00

Yes. Our membership scheme is Life Time! At just one time joining fee of $15. You could receive 10% discount every time spending with us. With no minimum spending required to enjoy the benefit. Find out more perks at Privilege Club today.

Can I recycle hangers?2015-08-09T08:08:04+08:00

Yes. Thank you for helping us to save the environment. Simply pass your hangers to our pick up staff during the next visit. Furthermore, we do recycle plastic bags as well.

Do you provide hand wash services?2015-08-09T08:04:42+08:00

Yes. We clean your garments according to label. Our experience staff perform checking on each items upon arrival at the factory. Garments with delicate washing requirement will be handled separately!

How do I cancel my appointment?2015-08-09T08:00:33+08:00

Simply call us at 6534 4843 before the appointment to reschedule!

Can I have my laundry pick up & delivery at different locations?2015-08-09T07:57:28+08:00

Yes. Please make a note to our staff you have a different delivery address during the collection. Our staff would schedule a delivery at different address accordingly.

Can you come and pick up/deliver my laundry if no one at home?2015-09-06T03:06:51+08:00

Yes. We have regular customers leave their item at a safe place (eg. guard house, neighbour) for regular pick up & delivery. However, Reward Laundry could not guarantee the security of your items.

Can I get a same day pick up?2015-08-09T07:52:51+08:00

When you call us, we will immediately locate our team of drivers. If your location is nearby one of our staff, we could process an immediate pick up for you. Otherwise, please book at least 1 day in advance to avoid disappointment. So, best is to call our hotline (65344843) for instant confirmation.

How do I request for a laundry or dry clean pick up?2019-05-26T18:06:16+08:00

There are several ways you could reach us:

  • Call our Hotline at 6534 4843 (Daily 9am – 9pm)
  • Email us at rewardlaundry@gmail.com
  • Book online at our Appointment Booking Page
  • Visit us at our outlet (50 Market St,#01-14 Golden Shoe,S048940) near Raffles MRT Station
What Should I Do Before Sending My Dry Clean & Laundry Item?2019-05-26T18:06:16+08:00

Customers must inspect all articles and counting or quantity upon collection. Any complaint shall be made known at the time of collection as Reward Laundry.com shall not be responsible for subsequent complaint/s.

All ornaments and buttons like plastic, glass, metal types, etc, must be removed by customers before cleaning. We will not bear responsibility for lost of any item or parts of garment.

For curtain cleaning, please remove and keep all curtains hook before sending, this is to avoid missing item on your curtain accessories.

The Company cannot be held responsible for loss of buttons, ornaments or anything left in pockets or any part of the garment.

How Long Does It Take To Have My Item Returned?2015-08-06T08:20:03+08:00


Reward Laundry provides different turnaround time to suit your needs. Our normal cleaning takes 4-5 working days, however if you would like to get things done faster, we provide 24 hours Laundry & dry cleaning, 1 hour dry cleaning services (Outlet Only). You may find out more about our express services here.

Is There Any Minimum Spending Required For Free Delivery?2019-08-12T22:59:58+08:00

To enjoy Free delivery, minimum spending is $50 (Garments), $80 (Curtain) in a single receipt. Please help us to save the environment by reducing the carbon footprint.

Find out more on how to be a member at our Privilege Club Page.

Or you could make an appointment now to arrange for your laundry & dry cleaning pick up.

What Happen To Shrinkage & Colour Fading for Load Wash?2019-05-26T18:06:17+08:00

The company will not bear the responsibility for any Laundry wash, shrinkage and colour runs. The company cannot be held responsible for loss or damage due to load wash service (wash by per kilogram).

Is The Pricing Include GST?2015-08-06T08:20:48+08:00

We are not a GST registered company at the moment. Hence, the rate you are seeing at our website or outlet will be the final price.

What Happen If Stain Cannot Be Removed?2019-05-26T18:06:17+08:00

We promised to help our customers to remove stains with all possible effort in our knowledge and experience. However, we could not guarantee total stain removal.

Stains can be removed upon customer’s request and will be done at his/her risks with additional charges.

What Happen If My Item is Missing/Damage?2019-05-26T18:06:18+08:00

In the event of loss or damage to article for which we may accept liability, if any, will be based on
the depreciated value of the article, not exceeding 5 times the service charges, and capped at the
maximum of $100 per article for total loss cases. Please refer to our full terms and conditions.

Do You Provide Delivery Service To Sentosa Island?2015-08-08T14:46:36+08:00


Yes we do. For Sentosa Island, minimum order of $100 for Free laundry & dry cleaning pick up & delivery.

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