Dry Cleaning. Do I really need to send all my clothes for Dry Cleaning? Well, not all clothes need dry cleaning. However, most clothes can be dry cleaned.

It is recommended that you take a look at the cleaning label for a start. If the clothes label say “Dry Clean Only”, well, send it to your friendly dry cleaner.  If it says Dry Clean, you can alternate between laundry and dry cleaning to prolong the life of your clothes.

More than often, Suits require dry cleaning only and it is recommended that it be sent after wearing it a few times. Other clothes like shirts, trousers and dresses really depend on the material it is made of and the other embellishments that comes with it.

Dry Cleaning is a process where chemicals are used to clean clothes instead of water. The chemical solvent is usually tetracholorethylene which can handle delicate pieces of clothing and can eliminate the labour intensive hand washing.

So why Dry Clean?

Stain Removal. Dry cleaning are most effective against removing grease, oil and soil stains on the garment. Of course, some stains can be handled using other ways where you risk shrinkage or discolouration of the fabric of your suit, coat and dress itself. The success rate for dry cleaning to remove stain  is typically 60 to 80% depending on the type of fabric , the type of stain and how long it has been there already without damage to the garment, which is much higher than other methods.

Alteration Services. Most dry cleaners, like Reward Laundry, provide complementary services like alteration service where you can get your trousers shorten, coat altered and even your delicate cheongsam or evening gown touched up to bring the best out of you.

Convenience. Professional dry cleaners, including Reward Laundry, are located within your office and provide island-wide pick up and delivery services (with a minimum order fulfilment) for your curtains, bedsheets, comforter, quilts and even sofa covers. And you can use the time to do more important stuff in life like spending time with your family.

Expertise. As the professional dry cleaner, they have the most updated equipment, solvents, detergents, stain removal, mould removal chemicals to handle all the situations you have with your coat, most loved dress for the evening or favourite shirt.

Pressing. The pressing done at dry cleaners like Reward Laundry, are using high tech equipment to leave your shirts or trousers wrinkle free for the whole day which can be quite a feat for household irons and steamers to achieve.

One stop centre for your life’s important occasions. Reward Laundry is able to provide a one stop centre to help you prepare for the all important occasion where you can alter your evening gown, get the all important clutch bag clean, polished and repair and ensure that you look the best from head to toe on that special birthday, anniversary or company or that special first date.

Yellowing. Took out your favorite white shirt or that wedding gown and found it all yellow?? Frequent dry cleaning would prevent this from happening and even it is yellow, it can be recovered to whiteness with professional help.

Affordable. In Singapore, Reward Laundry and other dry cleaning company, will clean your shirt for a mere $6.50 onwards and provide more than just get it clean. It comes with many other values like getting it pressed and starched well and looking like new.

So just pick up the phone and call 65344843 or book a appointment via www.rewardlaundry.com now to start a hassle free cleaning journey now.