Jacket Dry Cleaning Service Singapore

Uniform Cleaning Service Singapore

For The Past 10 Years, We Served More Than 3,000 Companies By Providing Professional Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services in Singapore

With one of the largest delivery teams in Singapore, we are able to assist you to save at least 30% of your time and expenses using our Commercial Dry Cleaning Services. We are honoured to gain trust from customers over the years. Come and experience the best laundry service in Singapore today.

Commercial Uniform Cleaning

If you are looking for the best uniform cleaning service Singapore, you have come to the right place. Not only our specialty is in residential laundry services, but also, we have been providing commercial dry cleaning services to thousands of large and small organizations across Singapore. Importantly, we take pride in the finest standard operating procedures; our Commercial Dry Cleaning procedures meet your cleaning requirements while delivering top-notch and consistent quality.

Military uniform dry cleaning service singapore

Military Uniform Cleaning Service

We provide specialized cleaning services for Singapore Armed Forces, Home Team uniforms, fireman suits, paramedic uniforms. Particularly, with a fast turnaround time for major events like national day parades, team functions, government events etc. Clearly, you want the best-experienced team to handle your attire for an important event. So, contact us today for the fastest uniform washing service in Singapore.

School Uniform Dry Cleaning Service Singapore

Schools Uniform Cleaning Service

With us, you can find out more about your school uniforms, performance gowns, choir uniforms, graduation gown, sports team uniforms contract cleaning service. Furthermore, our delivery team would pick up your uniforms right at your school. So, contact us for a quote today!

Lab Coat Cleaning Service Singapore

Clean Room Uniform Cleaning Service

Looking for a professional cleaning service for lab coats, industrial jumpsuits, cleanroom uniforms, and bunny suits? Without a doubt, Reward Laundry would be your best partner with safety protocols from the collection to the delivery process flow. Hence, speak to us today about your requirements.

Lab Coat Dry Cleaning Service Singapore

Hospital Uniform Cleaning Service

We are your best service provider for doctor suits, janitorial uniforms, and surgeon uniforms cleaning. Morevover, we are able to serve various locations for your clinic chains. Additionally, discuss with us how to remove blood, fluid, chemical stains from your uniforms. Subsequently, let our team works out a custom solution for your organization’s needs.

Chef Uniform Cleaning Service Singapore

Restaurant Uniform Cleaning Service

Our contract cleaning for chef aprons, chef hats, and waitresses uniforms supports your company’s seamless operation needs. Best of all, Reward Laundry’s best experience has been in the stains removing field. Clearly, you may leave your food stains on your uniforms to us. On top of that, with our large delivery team in Singapore, we provide a flexible delivery schedule 7 days a week. So, ask us a question today!

Hotel Uniform Dry Cleaning Service Singapore

Hotel Uniform Cleaning Service

Firstly, you want to maintain your top-notch brand image with our delicate uniform cleaning services. Best of all, you may entrust your staff uniforms, bellboy uniforms, concierge uniforms care, and cleaning service to an experienced team. Not to forget, our low-temperature drying process will prolong your uniform lifespan. Undoubtedly, this cost-saving is crucial to meet your organization’s goal. Now, we look forward to hear from you with your questions!

Airline Uniform Cleaning Service Singapore

Airline Uniform Cleaning Service

The aviation industry requires the highest quality cleaning service to serve international travelers. Therefore, Reward Laundry is committed to delivering consistent quality by adopting the latest technology in our cleaning process. In addition to that, our delicate steaming process guarantees no burn mark for your uniform. So, talk to us today to learn more!

Fireman Suit Cleaning Service Singapore

Fireman Suit Uniform Cleaning Service

Fireman suits require a very specific cleaning process to maintain their heat insulation property. More importantly, no harsh chemicals are allowed during the cleaning process. Not to forget, all components on the suits require delicate handling. Here, we take life seriously and our experience in this field comes into play. Lastly, do not forget to get a free quotation from us for your suit cleaning request.

Industrial Jumpsuit Cleaning Service Singapore

Industrial Jumpsuit Cleaning Service

Your jumpsuit is your protection from some of the harshest exposure during your heavy-duty work. The good news is, we are here to maintain your suit so that it gives maximum protection. Nevertheless, some chemical stains may be hard to remove. In conclusion, you may let us know your jumpsuit specifications, and let our team customise the best cleaning solution for you.

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