For The Past 9 Years, We Served More Than 30,000 Households In Singapore By Providing Professional Dry Cleaning Services

With one of the largest delivery team in Singapore, we are able to assist you to save at least 30% of your time and expenses using our services. We are honoured to gain trust from customers over the years. Come and experience the differences today.

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  • Eco-Friendly Detergent

    We adopt environmental friendly solvent in our dry cleaning process. With our fragrance free solution, our process is safe for both your family and the environment. Our mission is to have your garments last longer and reduce global textile wastage at the same time. With eco-friendly detergent that protect the colours and low temperature drying process, we can make your clothes stay new for as long as possible. Join us today, stop throwing clothes away because we could save them for you!

  • Experience Skilled Team

    Serving over 8 years in Singapore market and having served CBD office customers, we are confident in handling a wide range of materials. With our one-stop in house team, we are able to repair, restore and revive your garments at one go. Also, if you need help for the stains on your clothes, find out more about our stains removal service.

  • Trusted

    We have served 25,000 households to date where majority of our customer are our loyal members. We constantly improve ourselves to bring new and better quality services to our customers . Try out our services today!

  • Fast Service

    We provide 1 hour, one day and 48 hours dry cleaning. We understand there are different needs from different customers. Just tell us your requirements and our staff will be able to provide you with relevant solutions.

  • On-Time Delivery

    We value your time seriously. You will be given a one-hour time slot during appointment confirmaiton. With our strong team of staff handling the delivery, we gurantee that there is no more than 60 minutes late from the end of the time slot.

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At Reward Laundry, you enjoy fast, customized service with an unflagging commitment to quality.

We are your personal valet, working tirelessly behind the scenes to give the best for your garments care.

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Our Testimonials

My teddy bear was very dirty when I sent to Reward Laundry for washing. When it returned from the wash, it looks as good as new. I’m very impressed with the quality of the wash and the care they took to make sure my teddy bear did not lose its shape. Awesome job! Would recommend them to anyone!

Chun Hong Chiang

Got my wedding dress dry-cleaned with them! Sure there are some bad reviews, but it seems that the excellent reviews dominate which compelled me to go along with Reward Laundry.

My beautifully beaded dress with a 2-meter train was well-loved and needed some dry-cleaning, and Reward Laundry cleaned this dress in a speedy, effective, and yet professional manner! Pick-up, cleaning, and drop-off was all done over exactly 7 days, and they turned my dusty old-looking dress into a brand new dress. They first made sure to review the dress to check for damages, and then asked if I wanted repair before getting my approval to go ahead with dry-cleaning. When it came back, it was hung on a sturdy wooden hanger and kept neatly in a simple, clear plastic packaging that is sufficient for keeping dust out.

I am very pleased with their service and will recommend them to people!

Stacey Shiqi Liang

Very Good service,very good customer serviceWill definitely recommend to my family and friends!Keep it up Reward Laundry!

Vanessa Bacani

Excellent Service..patience,friendly,hard stains can be removed,services fast,beautiful girl here.Happy Customer.

Doreen Leng

Very happy with the wedding gown dry clean and preservation services provided by Reward Laundry to handle my Wife’s wedding gown that was in the closet for an number of years. Managed to remove the yellow patches and give us the assurance it will not turn yellow for quite a while.

wolfpax Lim

This is one laundry service store that absolutely goes out of the way, and the extra mile to delight the customer. The delivery from the shop was to be on Tuesday as Monday was a public holiday. As my husband had to travel on Tuesday 10am, I called the shop to ask if there was any way I can collect his suits on the public holiday or on Tuesday 7am. Emilyn of the shop called the factory manager to get the key to the factory and to pick up the suits to the shop. All of these arrangements done in a couple hours and on a public holiday!
This is the 3rd time I have used Reward Laundry. Prior to using them for suits and jackets, I had used them to dry clean my wedding gown and evening gown. Needless to say, they did a fabulous job, which is the reason I continue to use them. And after this episode, I definitely would continue to strongly recommend them.

Jessica Sim

If I could give Reward Laundry six stars or more, I absolutely would. They dry cleaned 2 wedding gowns for me. Both times, every single stain was completely removed, including fake tan, mud and alcohol. The tailoring on my dresses was immaculate after the cleaning and Reward Laundry even removed dirt from one of my wedding dresses which the previous dry cleaner had told me was impossible to remove. Price-wise, Reward Laundry are super competitive, especially when you factor in the collection and return of your items for home. The delivery is organised very quickly once you get in touch. They’re also very organised, sending photos of the dress before and after the cleaning as a record, along with any areas of damage. Highly, highly recommend this firm for your wedding gowns. A consistently fabulous job.

Sarah Whyte

Excellent service and trustworthy!
Recently I engage Reward Laundry for an urgent curtain drycleaning for the whole 4 bedder Apartment in Orchard.
They did an amazing job. From taking down the curtain to hang back after clean, they did it themselves. I was not at home. I just unlocked the back door for them to come into the apartment.
Curtain was so clean and smell good. Will engage them again.

Sebastian Low

I made an appointment for my laundry pick up. from appointment booking to confirmation sms, they’ve done it professionally in a breeze! I’ve made a request to send return to different location, they can accommodate it and done it in excellent.

They seems like they know what they are talking about and the staff are knowledgeable and friendly to answer my questions.

Will definitely send my laundry again and again.

ShiHui Goh

Super like this laundry service Excellent service. High standard and good quality. Very accommodating delivery service. No need to worry about carrying heavy topcoats with our busy schedule anymore. All at your doorsteps. Just need to call Hotline: 6534 4843

Hennie Chin

Reward Laundry is a renowned local laundry service provider in Singapore that helps you laundry your clothing and deliver it to your doorstep in a hassle-free manner. For the past 8 years, we served more than 25,000 households in Singapore by providing professional dry cleaning services. Our laundry pick-up services are able to assist you to save at least 30% of your time and expenses. With the largest delivery team running around the island 7 days a week, we are able to cater for schedule flexibility and delivery assurance.

The need for home delivery laundry service is on the rise because of our ever-busy schedule. With the same rate as our outlet, our pick-up and delivery services are truly a cost saver. Imagine the time you need to travel, to carry your heavy laundry, and yet to collect them. Be it for tourist, residence, or commercial laundry needs, our daily customer service staff is always on standby to support. You may order laundry delivery service online, through phone, email or via Whatsapp. Our staff will guide you through a simple process for collection appointment confirmation. Skip the step of adding the cart by just picking up your phone to call!

Reward Laundry is known as the best laundry delivery service in Singapore because of our strong online presence for more than 8 years. We have a team of trained and skilled staff that ensure seamless and on-time collection and delivery of every order. We offer different modes of delivery including the next day, after-hour, fixed time, and weekend delivery, keeping in mind the convenience and comfort of customers. We strive to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction every day.

Laundry is an essential need for everyone on a daily basis. Reward Laundry, your trusted laundry shop in Singapore has a wide range of services for each individual different need. Ranging from ironing service, laundry, wash and fold, dry cleaning, stain removalcurtain laundryon-the-spot cleaning services, we are specialised to clean any type of textile material and garments in your household.

All of our laundry orders are prepared with our tight in-house SOP. From laundry collection to cleaning and delivery back to your door, your garments pass through a stringent process to ensure the highest quality of cleaning. You can avail hassle-free delivery of laundry anywhere in Singapore, such as Clementi, Hougang, Tampines, Pasir Ris, Yishun, Toa, Payoh, Bukit Batok, Punggol, Sengkang, Sentosa Island etc. Customers can get express next-day or 4-5 workdays normal delivery of laundry anywhere in Singapore if the order is placed before 11 am. Reward Laundry also offers a one-of-a-kind super express dry cleaning and ironing service in which the customers can place the order at the last-minute walking into our outlet located at a convenient location city hall. Super express dry cleaning and ironing services are available within 1-2 hours. With our online booking system, you may also place your laundry collection order with 24 hours availability.

Laundry refers to the washing of clothing and other textiles with water as a medium. From the moment you confirm a laundry order, we computerized the flow of the entire laundry order process to minimize human errors. Laundry pick up reminder will be sent to you on the same day morning. Our laundry delivery driver will notify you again 15 minutes before arriving.

At Reward Laundry, we are using high-quality laundry detergent to prolong the lifespan of your garments. Every piece of clothes will be sorted according to their laundry labels and cleaning instructions. For delicate fabric, our standard procedure is to use cold water cleaning at a temperature below 40°C. Our fragrance-free detergent gives a fresh and neutral scent on your garments after washing. We use spot cleaning to remove stubborn stains. Steam iron is used in our laundry factory to ensure no burn marks on your clothes. Proper packaging is to ensure extra protection of your clothes during delivery.

Water Temperature Guide for Laundry

How to choose the best water temperature for your laundry? The first step is to always check the garment care label on your clothing for a recommendation. Different fabric requires a different temperature for optimal washing. The laundry symbol on the label will indicate the recommended temperature that is optimal for your clothing item.

If the label is missing or does not have a recommendation for optimal temperature, as a rule of thumb, always start with cold water setting (30°C) as this will cause the least damage to the clothing fabric such as shrinking and fading. Also, the advances in detergent formula and washing machine design have made cold water to be as effective as hot water to clean your clothes. In addition, washing with cold water helps to save energy – definitely an eco-friendly choice!

The table below shows a general guide on the recommended water temperature guide for your laundry:

Temperature Recommendation
Cold (30°C) Everyday wear, dark or bright coloured garments.
Warm (40°C) Jeans, man-made fibers, knits, undergarments, smelly or heavily
soiled clothes such as athletic gear.
Hot (50°C) Whites, contaminated clothing, reusable diapers. Hot water can
damage, fade, or shrink the fabric. Choose this option with caution.

Fore more information on water temperature guide, you may click here. Alternatively, you can always send your dirty laundry to specialists like us. We are well-trained to handle your garments and let us help you to take care of the hassle of getting your laundry professionally cleaned.

We believe we could contribute to reducing textile waste that is currently increasing at an alarming level. From the proper laundry care, delicate ironing, and drying process, we hope to extend the lifespan of your garment and hence reduce the need to purchase a new one. Our steps do not end here, with professional stains removal services, we wish to revive your clothes and make them look new again! Check out also our garments storage facilities to provide extra protection for your delicate and important garments. With education and the right method, let us work together to drive our textile wastage down.

Material Laundry Dry Cleaning
Cotton Yes Yes
Linen Not Recommended Strongly Recommended
Rayon Not Recommended Strongly Recommended
Silk Not Recommended Strongly Recommended
Wool Not Recommended Strongly Recommended
Nylon Yes Not Recommended
Polyester Yes Not Recommended
*When in doubt, please consult a trusted dry cleaner or follow the washing label.

We treat every type of stains differently. Our commercial spot cleaning machine able to remove stubborn stains effectively. With the adoption of an airgun, we protect the natural texture of your garments. You may read more about our stains removal process here.

  1. Colour fastness is also called colour transfer or colour fading in layman terms. It happened when the colour of a darker colour clothing transferred to other clothes during laundry. It’s important to understand your clothing colour fastness before you send them for laundry, especially when it’s the first wash. Prevention is always better than cure. Our team of experienced staff will be able to assist you on this matter. You may find out more about colourfastness here.
  2. Why did your clothes shrink after laundry? Clothes shrinkage may happen at home if you forgot to read the washing label. An experienced laundry provider will help you minimize the risk to the lowest. You may learn more about why shrinkage happens and how to avoid it here.

We strive to be the best laundry service provider in Singapore. You can be assured to receive our services with the following guarantees:

  • Wide Range Of Laundry Services
  • Fast & On-Time Delivery
  • Value for Your Money
  • Reliability
  • 7 Days Serviceability

View our affordable price list here. Alternatively, you may download our pdf price list here.

We offer a special rate for corporate customers as a staff benefits program. Help your staff and their families save more for their laundry bills. Find out more.

Services Lead Time Charges Cut Off Time
Normal 4-5 Working Days Normal 11 am Daily
Express 48 Hours 2 X 11 am Daily
Super Express Same Day 3 X Walk-in Only (Outlet)