Sari’s are of great traditional significance. In addition to their traditional significance, they are one of the most complimenting garments in the world of fashion. The traditional significance of the Sari, has seen it used as the main attire for the bride during weddings. While the Sari is beautiful, the handling and maintenance need to be precise. The more beautiful the Sari, the more delicate it likely is, since it will most likely involve a series of complex weaves and meshes. Especially when the Sari in question is a wedding Sari, the Sari is a very delicate item.

Why dry cleaning a wedding Sari should be left to a professional

Weddings are a very emotional and memorable event especially for the bride, and as such the dry cleaning of the wedding, Sari needs to be handled by professionals. The benefits of having a professional handle the dry cleaning include:

Time conscious: Professional dry cleaners are very time conscious and ensure that your Wedding sari will arrive at the stipulated time and place to ensure that your wedding day is as memorable as possible.

Precision: As earlier stated, a wedding Sari need to be handled delicately, a professional dry cleaner possesses the required expertise to handle your wedding Sari in the right way and help prepare it for your big day.

Guaranteed quality: A professional dry cleaner is guaranteed to deliver quality workmanship on your wedding Sari, ensuring that you have one less thing to worry about.

Why you want to preserve your wedding Sari

For generations, mothers have passed on their wedding Saris to their daughter and watched on with pride as their daughter began new lives. Preserving your wedding Sari provides you with the opportunity to pass on the Sari to a loved one when their wedding comes around. Rather than purchasing a new Sari for every wedding, you can have one Sari passed on from one loved one to the next. It is a tradition that is also believed to bring good fortune to a newly wedded bride.

Sari’s are generally adorned and accessorized with beads and other decorative ornaments, and these ornaments are also part of what makes a wedding Sari special. These decorative ornaments are also very fragile and can easily be lost or damaged if not handled properly, this can be quite annoying to the bride and her mother especially when the Sari is passed down from mother to daughter. To avoid situations such as this, it is best to avoid cleaning your wedding Sari yourself and leave it to the professionals.

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