How To Clean Your Hanbok?

Professional Hanbok Dry Cleaning
Guidelines To Your Korean Traditional Wear Cleaning.

Hanbok is a very delicate piece of clothing for Korean culture. This important dress is wore during formal events as well as traditional wedding at Korea.
Here we go through what are different type of hanbok fabrics and how to maintain them.

By choosing the right cleaner, your hanbok will be well taken care of.

Hanbok Cleaning With Preservation Service

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Hanbok Cleaning Pick-up & Delivery

Enjoy our free island-wide pick-up and delivery service. Especially when you use our Korean traditional wear cleaning service.

Hanbok Pre-Wash Checking & Repair Service

Every piece of hanbok is carefully checked and inspect for damage or stains. Subsequently, our in-house team will propose a repair solution if necessary.

Hanbok Storage Service Singapore

Hanbok Storage Box

Lastly, please store your hanbok in our custom-made storage box. With temperature and humidity monitoring, the box could help for long-term storage. Moreover, humidity control inside the box could slow down the degeneration of your hanbok.

Specialized Hanbok Hand Washing.

Firstly, check washing instructions and colorfastness before washing your hanbok. If you are not sure, test a small area at the corner by dabbing with a wet cloth. Secondly, if you see colour transfer, stop the washing process immediately and ask for professional help. Also, some stains on your hanbok are visible and some are not. Hence, with ultraviolet light, we make sure the invisible stains are being captured. At Reward Laundry, we specialized in hanbok dry cleaning. Of course, we hand treat your hanbok stain for the best result.

Delicate Organic Detergent

While most of the hanbok is made by silk, we need to treat them very delicately. Furthermore, in Singapore, only a few service providers know how to handle this unique Korean traditional wear cleaning. The best method is to wash by hand with cold water (<40C). However, if the washing instructions say dry clean only, it's recommended to send it to a professional dry cleaner. Remember this, never wash your hanbok with bleach.

Gentle Drying Process.

Without a doubt, the best way is to lay your hanbok flat and let it dry naturally. Clearly, we will never expose it to sunlight. Neither nor using tumble dry. Make sure the hanbok is completely dried before you store it. Alternatively, you may have peace in mind if you let the professional clean your hanbok.

Custom Made Storage Box For Lifetime Storage after clean.

Apart from this, you may opt-in for an additional storage box to monitor your hanbok storage temperature and humidity. Thus, it's worth to find out more features of our preservation box here.

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