Our steam iron facilities provide the best ironing services you could get in Singapore. Steam iron ensures no shiny marks left on your suit. With only $3.50/pcs to start with, you may leave the boring chores to our specially trained team. For our shirts laundry services, please feel free to find out more details here.

Call us today to find out more about our Ironing Services! For full ironing price list, please follow the link to find out more.

  • No Shinny Mark Guarantee
  • Request for folding or hanging for your clothes
  • Professional equipment for delicate fabric steaming
  • High standard pressing skill
  • Steam ironing prolong clothing life
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Reward Laundry Conventional Dry Cleaner
No Damage/Shiny Mark Guaranteed No Guaranteed
Human Touch Up Quality Control No Quality Control
Quality Consistency By Robotic System No Consistency
Fast Productivity (120 pieces/hour/machine) High Cost With Purely Rely On Manpower
Customisable Ironing Preference (Crease/Lapel Line) Standard IroningĀ 
Easy To Book Online/Offline Channel Conventional Booking Channel
Long Lasting Results For All Day Long Presentation Not Known
7 Days Customer Service/Support No Specific Support System
Efficient Process Flow With Computerised System Manual System
Controlled Temperature System Fixed Temperature System