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Curtain Cleaning Service Singapore

Perfectly Cleaned Curtain for your Sweet Home

For The Past 10 Years, We Served More Than 50,000 Households In Singapore By Providing Professional Dry Cleaning Service Singapore

The Best Curtain Cleaning Service

Dry Cleaning Satisfaction Singapore

With one of the largest delivery teams in Singapore, we are able to assist you in saving 30%-50% of your time and expenses by using our curtain dry cleaning in Singapore. For this reason, we had gained trust from many customers over the years. So, come and experience the differences today.

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Curtain Cleaning Pricing

Include Dismantle & Installation

Curtain Dry Cleaning

Day Curtain From $18/piece
Night Curtain $12/KG
Blackout Curtain $14/KG

Min. $100 For Free Delivery

Curtain Cleaning Only

Curtain Dry Cleaning

Day Curtain From $15/piece
Night Curtain $8/KG
Blackout Curtain $10/KG

Min. $100 For Free Delivery

Our Key Distinctions

delicate cleaning process

Eco-Friendly Detergent

By adopting our eco-friendly detergent blend, we believe in giving your curtains a gentle treatment in order to maintain their shine and integrity. Furthermore, we are the rare curtain dry cleaner who separates the washing process of the day, night, and blackout curtains. With you in mind, we take extra steps to protect your curtain materials.

One Stop Service

Dismantle & Installation

Enjoy true convenience when you use our easy booking system to book for your curtain cleaning service. Best of all, we handle the pickup, dismantling, cleaning, and installation of your curtains with seamless coordination. So, speak to our customer officer today to make your booking.

How much does it cost?

Curtain Cleaning Cost Estimation

How much is curtain cleaning service in Singapore? Here, we help you in avoiding shocking curtain cleaning service bills. Hence, it’s best to let us estimate your curtains cleaning cost before booking. Furthermore, our price estimation is based on the historical data for the past 9 years. Ultimately, we want to support you in better budget planning.

One-Click Booking

Ridiculously Easy Booking

We believe after service is as important. Hence, a dedicated team is supporting you 7 days a week, you may book online and receive an instant booking confirmation. From price estimation to curtain cleaning service schedule coordination, we cover them all. Furthermore, our service arms reach to entire Singapore. Certainly, it doesn’t get any easier than this, enjoy our seamless booking process today!

Our Testimonials

Excellent service and trustworthy!

Recently I engage Reward Laundry for an urgent curtain drycleaning for the whole 4 bedder Apartment in Orchard.

They did an amazing job. From taking down the curtain to hang back after clean, they did it themselves. I was not at home. I just unlocked the back door for them to come into the apartment.

Curtain was so clean and smell good. Will engage them again.

Sebastian Low

If I could give Reward Laundry six stars or more, I absolutely would.

Sarah Whyte

Reward laundry was very prompt in responding to my order and had great flexibility to accommodate to my special requests. The driver engaged was very efficient and professional. Overall, the service provided was good and the whole process was seamless and efficient.

Amanda Lee

This is one laundry service store that absolutely goes out of the way, and the extra mile to delight the customer.

Jessica Sim

I made an appointment for my laundry pick up. from appointment booking to confirmation sms, they’ve done it professionally in a breeze! I’ve made a request to send return to different location, they can accommodate it and done it in excellent.
They seems like they know what they are talking about and the staff are knowledgeable and friendly to answer my questions.
Will definitely send my laundry again and again.

Shihui Goh

The best laundry experience in Singapore. Emily at the front desk is super helpful and efficient and the home delivery is awesome! We love the service

Madhukar Tummala

7-Tips To Save Curtain Cleaning Cost

  • Do Not Wait For Last Minutes – Typically, curtain cleaning takes 4-5 working days. Even though there is an express service available, this service often requires double the normal charges. So please plan ahead, book your appointment early. Alternatively, let our team manage the time for you!

  • Clean The Curtain Regularly – Sometimes, stubborn stains may require additional charges to remove. So, the moment you observe stains on your curtains, you need to act immediately informing us. Lastly, whether it was an accidental spill of coffee or crayon painting from your child, send your curtains to clean and be treated immediately to increase the chances of removal.

  • Dismantle & Remove The Curtains (DIY) – Certainly, dismantling and removing the curtains by yourself may require more work. Moreover, it does help you save a substantial amount of time. Of course, do take into consideration of your personal safety when doing so as some curtains are quite heavy. Definitely, it’s harder to balance yourself as the height increases.

  • Use Thinner Curtain Material – While thicker curtains may uplift the entire look and feel of the interiors, thinner curtains are certainly easier to maintain. So, if shielding the rooms from the sunlight is not a major concern, consider getting lighter materials. Undoubtedly, this is due to the fact that curtain cleaning cost are greatly dependent on the total weight of the curtains.

  • Use Dry Cleaning Service Instead Of On The Spot Cleaning Service – Undoubtedly, on-the-spot curtain cleaning service usually costs higher. Moreover, the end results may not be as clean as compared to normal dry cleaning services. Notably, it’s estimated that the dry cleaning option can save at least 40% of the cost

  • Use A Price Estimator – Additionally, if this is your first time cleaning curtains, please use a curtain cleaning price estimator. Alternatively, you may ask an experienced dry cleaner to do an estimation for you. Certainly, this step could help you to avoid unpleasant surprises on the total bill after you have dismantled the curtains.

  • Join A Membership Or Collect Discount Voucher – Generally, most established curtain cleaners offer loyalty programs or vouchers for their valued customers. Hence, it’s worth checking with the customer service officer before you confirm your booking.

Curtain Cleaning FAQ

Do you clean Roman Blinds?2021-05-11T15:48:29+08:00

Yes, we do clean roman blinds. Not only we are able to dismantle and install your roman blinds but also, we can replace velcro for them.

Do you provide curtain repair or resizing service?2021-05-12T17:11:33+08:00

Our in-house alteration team is able to support your needs. Not only that, we do replace velcro and also the zipper for your household textile items. So, provide us with your measurements and our sewing team will fix your curtain within the time frame.

Do you provide on-the-spot steam cleaning for curtain?2021-05-12T17:17:25+08:00

Yes, we do. Differing from traditional curtain dry cleaning, onsite curtain cleaning can be done within 1-2 hours. Upon booking confirmation, our staff will bring professional equipment to your house/office to perform the cleaning. However, please take note that the maximum curtain height for steam cleaning is 6 meters. You may get a quotation of on-the-spot curtain cleaning via our online form.

Do you clean office/retail space curtains?2021-05-12T17:20:18+08:00

Yes, we do. However, please contact us directly to discuss your requirement. Subsequently, our staff will supply with a quotation for your request.

How much to clean my curtains?2021-05-12T17:21:42+08:00

We provide an estimation tool to assist you in your budget planning. So, please follow this link to get an estimation of your curtain cleaning cost. However, please take note that the actual pricing is still based on the actual weight of the curtain we take down on the spot.

Can you remove stains on my curtains?2021-05-12T17:24:34+08:00

Curtain stains may be challenging to remove as they normally harden after being exposed to sunlight for a long period of time. Hence, we strongly recommend you send your curtain for cleaning immediately after you notice a stain. Nevertheless, Reward Laundry will do our best to remove your curtain stains. However, total removal of stains is not guaranteed.

Do you clean Blackout curtains?2021-05-12T17:32:16+08:00

Yes. Here, we have a separate process flow dedicated to cleaning blackout curtains only. Even though a blackout curtain may look thick, but its liner can be easily torn if it is not cleaned properly. Hence, please use only experienced dry cleaner for your blackout curtains.

Do you clean drapes with special design?2021-05-12T17:33:49+08:00

Yes, you may send a photo of your drapes to us and our staff will advise you accordingly.

Should I dismantle and install the curtain by myself?2021-05-12T17:40:02+08:00

Our staff is trained to dismantle and install your curtains. On top of that, we will carefully label each curtain as per our workflow. This is to ensure efficiency during the installation process after cleaning. Furthermore, a curtain can be quite heavy to handle. So, if safety is a concern, it’s best advised to let us do the job.

How do I make booking for curtain cleaning?2021-05-12T17:47:03+08:00

You may call us, Whatsapp us, or use our live chatbox at the bottom right corner. Alternatively, you may book online or drop us an email. Subsequently, our staff will be in touch with you shortly.

How frequent should I clean my curtains?2021-05-12T17:48:30+08:00

We recommend you to clean your curtain at least once a year, or every 6 months if you have pets in the family.

How long do you take to clean curtains?2021-05-12T17:57:48+08:00

Our normal service takes 4-5 working days. However, they can be cleaned and returned to you within 48 hours if you use our Express service. Nevertheless, the express service rate is double the normal rate.

Do you Iron/Steam curtain after cleaning?2021-05-12T18:09:54+08:00

A Curtain can be easily damaged if you iron them. Additionally, most curtain materials do not recommend ironing. Furthermore, due to transportation purposes, all curtain needs to be folded during shipping. So, creases are inevitable. Hence, we recommend you to let your curtain hang up for a week and normally will solve the problem. Alternatively, you may use crease spray which can be easily obtained off the shelf.


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