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Dry Cleaning Satisfaction Singapore

Curtain Cleaning Services

For The Past 9 Years, We Served More Than 30,000 Households In Singapore By Providing Professional Dry Cleaning Service Singapore

With one of the largest delivery teams in Singapore, we are able to assist you to save 30%-50% of your time and expenses by using our curtain dry cleaning Singapore. For this reason, we had gained trust from many customers over the years. So come and experience the differences today.

Whether it is once a year or twice or more a year, it is part of our tradition to do spring cleaning in Singapore. As such, home Cleaning in Singapore has become very common.  For dry cleaning of curtains,  we provide the convenience you need. This is because our delivery services are available island-wide. So, you may call us now to find out more! For one thing, we are able to not only do the dry cleaning (charge by weight), but we can also dismantle and install the curtains before and after as well.

So, get our staff to visit your home or office to weigh your curtain for you! In addition, our team would provide professional suggestions right at your doorstep!

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Curtain Cleaning Pricing

Curtain Dismantle Service Singapore

Curtain Dry Cleaning Singapore, Curtain Washing Singapore, Curtain Laundry Singapore

Curtain Type Laundry

(4-5 Working Days)

Dry Wash 

(4-5 Working Days)

Day Curtain From $15/pcs From $18/pcs
Night Curtain $7/KG $12/KG
Blackout Curtain $14/KG

*Weighing will be done on the spot for curtain cleaning collection option.

*Minimum $80 for curtains cleaning delivery service, order below $80 will still be charged $80.

Day Curtain Cleaning Singapore

Day Curtain Washing Singapore

Curtain Type Laundry

(4-5 Working Days)

Dry Wash 

(4-5 Working Days)

Day Curtain From $13/pcs From $15/pcs
Night Curtain $7/KG $8/KG
Blackout Curtain $10/KG

*Weighing will be done on the spot for curtain cleaning collection option.

*Minimum $80 for curtains cleaning delivery service, order below $80 will still be charged $80.

  • $30/pcs during the cleaning period (include installation & dismantling)
  • $20/pcs during the cleaning period (curtain only)
  • Rental Curtain Size: 145×250 cm

On-Site Curtain Steam Cleaning Singapore


  • Takes only 1-2 hours to complete, time saving.
  • No dismantling of curtain is required.
  • Suitable for people with limited time.
  • Suitable for high ceiling units for safety reason. (curtain higher than 3 meters)
  • Suitable for non-washable curtain material.
  • Please click here to find out more or Whatsapp Us for a free quote.


  • Typically 40%-60% more expensive than normal dry cleaning service.
  • May not be able to remove stubborn stains.
  • May not be acceptable by landlord if you are a tenant.
  • Required experienced cleaner with advanced machine. *Steaming of curtains is not equivalent to steam cleaning of curtains.
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How much is curtain cleaning in Singapore? Let us help you to estimate the curtains cleaning cost!

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What Is Curtain Cleaning Process?

  • 1. Understanding Your Requirement – Firstly, you may call us so that we could find out information about your curtain. For example, your curtain type, curtain age, curtain condition (stains type), apartment size, your timeline, and whether you need to dismantle & install your curtain by us.

  • 2. Choose Your Preferred Option – Secondly, our experienced staff will be able to advise on the type of curtain cleaning best suits your needs. On top of that, you may opt for curtain dry cleaning, on-the-spot curtain steam cleaning or curtain laundry services from us. Certainly, with our experience, we are able to give an estimation of your curtain cleaning cost before the project starts. The reason is that, over the years, we have accumulated enough data to estimate average of your curtain weigh. Finally, with sufficient informations, we want to help you make the best decision on your curtains washing.

  • 3. Appointment Confirmation – Finally, after understanding your time frame, we would suggest available time slots for your area. Furthermore, our appointment comes in a 1-hour block to save your time. On top of that, as a reminder, our collection staff will give you a call 15 minutes before arriving.

  • 4. Weighing On The Spot – To avoid confusion, our staff will do the calculation and weighing on the spot right after dismantling your curtains. From there you will receive a written memo on the collection date and return date of your curtain cleaning service.

  • 5. Curtain Return – You will receive a reminder on the day your curtain will be returned. With careful tagging, your curtain will be hung back to the exact location after cleaning. Our professional staff will install your curtain after cleaning.

7-Tips To Save Curtain Cleaning Cost:

  • Do Not Wait For Last Minutes – Typically, curtain cleaning takes 4-5 working days. While there is express service available, this service often requires double the normal charges. So please plan ahead, book your appointment early. Alternatively, let our team manage the time for you!

  • Clean The Curtain Regularly – Sometimes, stubborn stains may require additional charges to remove. So, the moment you observe stains on your curtains, you need to act immediately informing us. Whether it was an accidental spill of coffee or crayon painting from your child, send your curtains to clean and be treated immediately to increase the chances of removal.

  • Dismantle & Remove The Curtains (DIY) – Certainly, dismantling and removing the curtains by yourself may require more work. Moreover, it does help you save a substantial amount of time. Of course, do take into consideration of your personal safety when doing so as some curtains are quite heavy. Definitely, it’s harder to balance yourself as the height increases.

  • Use Thinner Curtain Material – While thicker curtains may uplift the entire look and feel of the interiors, thinner curtains are certainly easier to maintain. So, if shielding the rooms from the sunlight is not a major concern, consider getting lighter materials. This is due to the fact that curtain cleaning cost are greatly dependent on the total weight of the curtains.

  • Use Dry Cleaning Service Instead Of On The Spot Cleaning Service – Undoubtedly, on-the-spot curtain cleaning service usually costs higher. Moreover, the end results may not be as clean as compared to normal dry cleaning services. Notably, it’s estimated that the dry cleaning option can save at least 40% of the cost

  • Use A Price Estimator – Additionally, ff this is your first time cleaning curtains, use a curtain cleaning price estimator. Alternatively, you may ask an experienced dry cleaner to do an estimation for you. The reason for this is to avoid unpleasant surprises on the total bill after you have dismantled the curtains.

  • Join A Membership Or Collect Discount Voucher – Generally, most established curtain cleaners offer loyalty programs or vouchers for their valued customers. So, check with their customer service officer and ask to be informed when their promotion period is near.

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Reward Laundry Service Guarantee:

Reward Laundry Competitors
Ease Of Booking (Call/Whatsapp/Online Booking) Yes Maybe
Natural Detergent  Yes X
*Free Cost Estimation Yes X
*On The Spot Weighing Yes Maybe
Loyalty Program Discount  Yes Maybe
1 Hour Appointment Window  Yes X
Appointment Reminder  Yes Maybe
*Day & Night/Blackout Curtains Cleaned Separately (Reduce Damage Risk)  Yes X
*Dedicated Coordination Staff  Yes X
Excellent After-Sales Service – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee  Yes X
Flexible Schedule  Yes X
*Curtain Rental During Cleaning Period Yes X
*7 Days Customer Service/Support Yes  X

*Crucial keypoints for professional curtain cleaning.

Additional Service:

Checklist Before Dry Cleaning Your Curtain:

  1. Firstly, please make sure you keep all the hooks & rings of your curtain if you are dismantling your curtain for cleaning
  2. Secondly, please allow at least 1-week cleaning time for your curtain, last minutes booking may cause disappointment or extra cost
  3. Thirdly, please inspect your curtains and remind our collection staff on the locations of the stains. Staff will be able to advise the best cleaning method and expectations on the result on the spot
  4. Finally, you may find out more if there are any promotions from our staff membership to save more with your cleaning.

Curtain Cleaning FAQ

Do you clean Roman Blinds?2019-08-12T22:56:51+08:00

Yes, we do. We are able to dismantle and install your roman blinds. A minor repair can be done as well.

Do you provide curtain repair or resizing service?2019-08-12T22:54:42+08:00

Yes, we do. We have our in-house alteration team to support your needs. Provide us with your measurements and our sewing team will fix your curtain within the time frame.

Do you provide on-the-spot steam cleaning for curtain?2019-08-12T22:51:17+08:00

Yes, we do. Curtain steam cleaning can be done within 1-2 hours. Our staff will bring professional equipment to your house/office to perform the cleaning. The maximum curtain height for steam cleaning is 6 meters.

Do you clean office/retail space curtains?2019-08-12T22:48:26+08:00

Yes, we do. Please contact us directly to discuss your requirement. After hour dismantling and installation can be arranged case by case basis.

How much to clean my curtains?2019-08-12T22:46:30+08:00

We provide an estimation tool to assist you in your budget planning. Please follow this link to get a rough estimation of your curtain cleaning cost. Please take note that the actual pricing is still based on actual weigh we take on the spot.

Can you remove stains on my curtains?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

Curtain stains may be hard to remove as they normally harden after being exposed to sunlight and had been there for a period of time. Reward Laundry will do our best to remove stains. However, total removal of stains is not guaranteed.

Do you guarantee your work?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

While we can assure you that our dry cleaning process is gentle on the curtains, there are still risks involved. Curtains do deteriorate over time and due to Singapore weather, some curtains become weak after years of sunlight. We will advise customers to replace new curtains if it is deem that the curtains are very old or material is likely to be unable to take the dry clean treatment.

Do you clean Blackout curtains?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

Yes. Blackout curtain might have holes after dry cleaning if they are not handled properly. Please use only experienced dry cleaner for your blackout curtains.

Do you clean drapes with special design?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

Yes, please send a photo of your drapes to us at and our staff will advise you accordingly.

Do you provide hooks for installation?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

Yes. We provide hooks for you if you include dismantle & installation services in your order.

Should I dismantle and install the curtain by myself?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

Our staff are trained to dismantle and install your curtains. We will carefully label each curtain as per our workflow. So unless you are very sure the locations to hang each curtain, it’s best advised to let us do the job.

How do I make booking for curtain cleaning?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

You may call our hotline at 6534 4843, pop out our live chat box at bottom right corner, or book online or drop us an email at

How frequent should I clean my curtains?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

Once a year, or every 6 months if you have pets in the family.

How long do you take to clean curtains?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

Our normal service takes 4-5 working days.However, they can be returned within 48 hours if you use our Express service. The Express service rate is double the normal prices.

Do you Iron/Steam curtain after cleaning?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

Curtain is easily damaged if you iron them. While your curtain may come back slightly wrinkled after dry cleaned, it is recommended that you use weights to straighten the fabric fibre again. Hanging your curtain after a week normally will solve  the problems.

How should I clean my curtain?2017-01-25T15:28:28+08:00

Most curtains are advised to be dry cleaned only as curtains might shrink if they are in contact with water.

How do I cancel my appointment?2015-08-09T08:00:33+08:00

Simply call us at 6534 4843 before the appointment to reschedule!

Can I have my laundry pick up & delivery at different locations?2015-08-09T07:57:28+08:00

Yes. Please make a note to our staff you have a different delivery address during the collection. Our staff would schedule a delivery at different address accordingly.

Can you come and pick up/deliver my laundry if no one at home?2015-09-06T03:06:51+08:00

Yes. We have regular customers leave their item at a safe place (eg. guard house, neighbour) for regular pick up & delivery. However, Reward Laundry could not guarantee the security of your items.

Can I get a same day pick up?2015-08-09T07:52:51+08:00

When you call us, we will immediately locate our team of drivers. If your location is nearby one of our staff, we could process an immediate pick up for you. Otherwise, please book at least 1 day in advance to avoid disappointment. So, best is to call our hotline (65344843) for instant confirmation.

How do I request for a laundry or dry clean pick up?2019-05-26T18:06:16+08:00

There are several ways you could reach us:

  • Call our Hotline at 6534 4843 (Daily 9am – 9pm)
  • Email us at
  • Book online at our Appointment Booking Page
  • Visit us at our outlet (50 Market St,#01-14 Golden Shoe,S048940) near Raffles MRT Station
How Long Does It Take To Have My Item Returned?2015-08-06T08:20:03+08:00


Reward Laundry provides different turnaround time to suit your needs. Our normal cleaning takes 4-5 working days, however if you would like to get things done faster, we provide 24 hours Laundry & dry cleaning, 1 hour dry cleaning services (Outlet Only). You may find out more about our express services here.

Is There Any Minimum Spending Required For Free Delivery?2019-08-12T22:59:58+08:00

To enjoy Free delivery, minimum spending is $50 (Garments), $80 (Curtain) in a single receipt. Please help us to save the environment by reducing the carbon footprint.

Find out more on how to be a member at our Privilege Club Page.

Or you could make an appointment now to arrange for your laundry & dry cleaning pick up.

Do You Provide Delivery Service To Sentosa Island?2015-08-08T14:46:36+08:00


Yes we do. For Sentosa Island, minimum order of $100 for Free laundry & dry cleaning pick up & delivery.

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