Owning fur coats is a luxury to most who own them. Sometimes prolonging the life of them is key. Some people found this hard and therefore end up having to bin them sooner than they thought. Believe it or not there is a certain way you should care for your fur coat, caring for them in the right manner will allow you to have your fur coat much longer. People find it hard to get there head around the certain care, here you will find the do’s and don’ts of a fur coat.

The Do’s For Fur Jacket Maintenance

  • Store your fur coat in a cold vault.

    Keeping your fur jacket in a cold vault is important for keeping them intact. The temperature is usually kept around  50 degrees and 50 percent humidity. The reason for this is to make sure the coat doesn’t dry out.

  • Clean your coat every other year.

    It is important that your faux fur coat is cleaned professionally once every year. This will clean off any substances put onto the coat throughout the years, for example if you put lotion on, it may rub off onto the fur. If you allow the fur to dry out it can cause damage that cannot be reversed. The damage can cause rips and tares, ladders and other noticeable marks.

  • Repair the noticeable damages.

    If you notice a rip in your coat and decide to leave it, it will get much bigger, it is important to repair any damages that you see right away to avoid further damages.

The Don’ts For Fur Jacket Maintenance

  • Store your fur in a plastic bag

    Whatever you do, please do not make this huge mistake. Doing this can damage the fur and you are more exposed to moths with humidity, they eat right through fur. This will leave gaping holes in your clothes.

  • Ignore any repairs

    Choosing to ignore any repairs that may need done in the hopes they will just go away is a big mistake. This will only make those repairs need more attention.

  • Do not cover your fur with vacuum bag

    Fur needs to breathe it is important you do not cover it with plastic. If you cover the fur with plastic it will become damaged beyond repair.

Remember fur coats are different from your ordinary coats and take much more looking after, it is highly advised to research the care techniques. For 100% care it is best to visit a professional fur coat cleaning company in Singapore.

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