Express Dry Cleaning Service Singapore

In Singapore, the pace of life is fast and hectic. Undoubtedly, express dry cleaning service is one of the essential services you will need one day. Especially, there are days when you realised you have to pack, get your clothes cleaned before the next flight tomorrow. There are also days when you are wearing your smartest white shirt and the gravy from the laksa spilled over to it. In sticky situations like this, you can approach expert dry cleaner like Reward Laundry for help to do their 1 hour express dry cleaning service.

At Reward Laundry, we provide 1 hour, 24 hours, 48 hours services to cater to your different needs. Hence, you are able to get urgent laundry done for your coats, jackets, dresses, gowns, ties, shirts, blouses, skirts, winter coats, and overcoats. So, we are able to meet your expectation based on your ever-changing schedule.

Typically, the additional charges for 48 hours of express washing service are at 2X additional charges and same-day service is at 3X additional charges.

Of course, these express services are recommended to be used in times when it is absolutely urgent or time-critical to get your laundry handed. As many times, a normal wash cycle of 4-5 working days will suffice to cater to your need.

So when you pick up the phone to call Reward Laundry for pick up, remember to request the right service for the right situation. We are able to cater to individual different needs. Our staff is well trained to respond fast and swiftly to your request.

We give priority to your urgent request. We offer a fast turnaround for all your Dry Cleaning needs. No matter how busy you are, we are just one call away.

Type of express dry cleaning services available are:

Express dry cleaning service singapore
Services Lead Time Charges
Normal 4-5 Working Days Normal
Fast 3-4 Working Days 1.5 X
Express 1-2 Working Days 2 X
Super Express

(Stains Removal Not Available)

1-2 Hour
(Cut-off time 4pm, max 6pcs per order)
3 X