Bed Sheet Cleaning Singapore

How To Clean Your Bedsheet?


Natural Organic Detergent

Cleaning bedsheet seems simple but yet few have paid attention to them. We spend long hours sleeping on our bedsheets and the cleanliness greatly related to the quality of our sleep. Common stains found on bedsheets are sweat stains, blood stains, body oil and food stains (if you eat on bed). So you want your bedsheets to look and feel like a 5 stars hotel every time? Here is some key points you should take note:

The Frequency

How Often Should You Clean Your Bedsheet?

The straight answer is, once a week. In Singapore’s climate, we are experiencing high humidity all year round. So particularly body oil, sweats, and dust could be accumulated on your bed. If you own or sleep with your pet, we recommend you fixing a recurring bedsheet cleaning pick-up with us.

The Detergent

Choose A Fragrance Free & Natural Detergent

Using fragrance-free detergent to wash your bedsheets ensures fewer chemicals in contact with your skin. And natural detergent can prolong the life expectancy of your beautiful bedsheet greatly. We want toxic-free detergent to be used in your home environment especially for those who have small kids at home. Some suggest washing bedsheets with vinegar and baking soda, however we recommend a better result with professional detergent.

Washing Bedsheet Water Temperature

Use Room Temperature Water

The Coldwater cycle should be sufficient during the normal wash. However, if anyone at home is having a cold, flu, or allergic, we recommend using a warm or hot cycle. For the best result, send your bedsheets for cleaning by a reputable laundry service provider. At Reward Laundry, we have years of experience handling different bedsheets material using an eco-friendly detergent. We understand your bedsheets could be heavy to carry around. Hence, our door-to-door delivery service comes in handy. You may do an online booking anytime and our staff will handle everything for you right away.

How To Dry Your Bedsheet?

Gentle Drying

Use gentle drying setting especially if you are cleaning a silk bedsheet. Do not add too many bedsheets into a dryer to avoid overcrowding. Some may send their bedsheets to be dried at coin-operated machines however some may concern with long waiting times queuing at the venue.

Impeccable Quality

5 Stars Sleep Every Day

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