Load Wash Laundry Service Singapore

For wash and fold laundry service, you may accumulate your laundry and send to us once a week. With this service, we will wash and fold your clothing for you. We design this package to be affordable and fast (within 48hours) to bring the best value for money to our customers. Spend no time with more important things now! No more laundry chores for you from now on. Even if you have smaller piece of clothing to attend to, we could help you with our load washing services. Combine all your socks, underwear, t-shirts, etc and call for our laundry pick up services to collect your nitty-gritty at your doorstep. $9 dollar per kg is all you need to get it done!

For item that required ironing services, please find out more at our shirts laundry services.

**Ready in 48 hours! Minimum 5KG required.

Minimum 5KG

  • Min 5 KG
  • 4-5 Working Days

PowerLoad Wash

  • Min 5 KG
  • 48 Hours

PowerLoad Wash

  • Min 5 KG
  • 24 Hours
Service Type Lead Time Unit Price Minimum Cost
Normal 4-5 Working Days $8/KG $40
Express 2 Working Days $11/KG $55
Super Express Next Working Day (Cut-off Time 2.30 pm) $15/KG $75

Please take note on what are the items you should or shouldn’t send for Load Wash service:


  • Cotton Clothing
  • Socks
  • Undergarments
  • Cotton Pants
  • Sport Wear


  • Dry clean only clothing
  • Silk Clothing
  • Towels
  • Bedsheet, Mattress Cover, Quilt Cover etc
  • Clothing with attached accesories

Bulk Laundry Service Singapore

Our Promises

Sorting by Colours and Material

We are using a natural fragrance-free detergent for your load wash. This is to better protect your garment materials during the washing process. Your laundry will come out smelling neutral fresh and clean.

Low-temperature drying

We are using the latest technology in our laundry machinery. Your garment will be processed at a lukewarm temperature (close to body temperature) After the Laundry process, we maintain low and even temperature 50-55 Celcius during the drying process to protect fabric fiber. We understand your clothing is meant for wearing over and over again. This process ensures soft and gentle fabric every time. While it may take a longer time, but the quality is our priority in this case.

Folding by hand

During packing process, our staff ensures folding is according to your requirement. This is to minimised creases and bring convenience to you. Just open up the laundry bag and place it in your wardrobe or luggage!

48 Hours 

We pick up from your home/hotel! Your washed clothing will be returned to you within 48 hours! Whether you are a tourist or a residence here in Singapore, we understand your busy schedule. If you are a regular customer, we pick up new batch of your Laundry during delivery. You are ready for a new week ahead again. Book now to enjoy Fast and Reliable services from us.

Corporate Laundry For Commercial Customers

The following are the industry we are currently serving:

  • Spa & Salon

  • Clinics & Hospitals

  • Hotels, Gym, Clubs

  • Restaurants & Lounges

  • Corporate Uniforms

  • Airlines & Shipping

  • Yacht & Golf Clubs

  • Ad-hoc Events

  • Hostel & Schools

  • Yoga & Pilates Studios