Dry cleaning is the holy grail of many busy people who don’t have the time to do their laundry by themselves. Apart from this, a person needs to get certain clothes dry cleaned as they are not suitable for being washed at home.

Formal trousers or pants need to be dry cleaned and one needs a reliable trouser cleaning service to maintain the crispiness and texture of the pants. Especially if they are formal. Here is a short guide to keeping your pants in mint condition through utilizing a pants laundry service.

A Trousers is one of the most common attire to most people’s wardrobes and it could be expensive additions to you. Therefore, Reward Laundry is here to help you clean and care of your trousers. You don’t need to be panic when your trousers is stained in the future, contact us when you need professional cleaning services. For trousers stains removal service, read more here.

Trousers materials suitable for dry cleaning

Not everything is suitable for dry cleaning. Most things can easily be washed at home. However, there are some articles of clothing that specifically need dry cleaning because of the material they are made from. Here is a list of materials you need to send to a dry cleaning service:

  • Rayon
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Wool

Pants or trousers made from these materials should be sent to a trouser cleaning service in case of any stains or just regular dry cleaning. They increase the durability of these materials by maintaining their texture. If you want to get your pants or trousers dry cleaned, you need to hire us and here is why.

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It takes less than a week to get your Trousers dry cleaned with us. You could either drop your items at our outlet or arrange a home/office collection.

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Send your items for express dry cleaning at our outlet at Raffles Place or arrange a home/office pick up at minimum $100.

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1 Hour express dry cleaning is only available at our outlet for walk-in service. Please take note that for super express we are unable to treat any stains.

Why Reward Laundry?

  • Professional service

    We have been in this business for the past eight years. We serve more than twenty-five thousand households in Singapore making our expertise in this service unparalleled.

    From checking your clothes to cleaning them and then delivering them, we have a team for every step of the process. The team is specialized and experienced in their work and so your pants are in good hands from the start to the finish of the cleaning process.

    Reward Laundry also guarantees that you will never get any burn marks on your clothes as our team is well trained and there is never an error!

  • Free pickup and delivery service

    We have a fast delivery service that picks up your clothes and delivers them later all free of charges!

    The amazing delivery service is just the cherry on top of our already top-quality cleaning services.

  • Express dry cleaning service

    Our normal delivery time is four to five working days, however, if you want your clothes earlier, you can opt for our express service.

    It will deliver your clothing item to you in 1 to 2 working days. If you have an event coming up and no time then don’t worry! Just use our express dry cleaning services.

  • Booking made easier

    Make an appointment to get your clothing picked up. This is made very convenient by our efficient website. If you don’t want to book online then you can even call us on our hotline: 6534 4843. We collect your clothing right from your doorstep and drop it back in no time.

  • Best pricing

    We offer the best rates for the premium quality service that we provide. Our prices start from as low as $4 for pants steaming service and you will not be disappointed when you experience the quality of our work.

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