Why Do You Need Premium Dry Clean?

By choosing the right cleaning mode, your garments will be well taken care of.

Premium Dry Cleaning Service Singapore

Delicate Material Handling

Definitely, you will need our premium dry cleaning option when it comes to the delicate fabric material. For example, silk, wool, chiffon, mesh and garments with embroidery required careful handling. Without a doubt, opt for premium options to dry clean your items.

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Separate Handling

With premium dry cleaning, your garments will be handled separately and individually. On top of that, they are protected by a washing net individually. The benefits? The risk of being scratched and torn by other pieces while dry cleaning is zero.

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Premium Detergent And Treatment

Without a doubt, our premium dry cleaned garments will be cleaned with top-notch quality detergent. The reason for it is to maintain the natural texture and glow of the materials. After all, a good detergent will be able to prolong your garment’s lifespan. On top of that, any stains found during our premium dry cleaning process will be treated exclusively.