Shirts Dry Cleaning Singapore

Singapore laundry services are getting common with our fast pace lifestyle. Today, it doesn’t cost much to laundry or dry clean your shirts.

At Reward Laundry, we ensure your shirts provide you with a look that is crisp and fresh. To do so, we choose to use the latest technology in our cleaning process to ensure consistent quality. Find out more about our steam ironing process and how we drive the cost of shirts dry cleaning down at the same time, maintain its quality. In conclusion, if you want to learn more information on how to care for your shirts, you may refer to this link.


Our StarchCrease is our in-house process to minimize your shirt’s wrinkle and provide a polished appearance to your fabric. Furthermore, starch also protects the fiber of your shirts and prevents serious staining. In addition to that, regular starched shirts would last longer. Definitely, StarchCrease is our unique solution to get the perfect consistency of starch and evenly apply it to each shirt.

Besides, we provide cleaning for different types of shirt materials with different steamed pressing settings:

  • Oxford Shirts Cleaning

  • Poplin Shirts Cleaning
  • Cotton Twill Shirts Cleaning
  • Herringbone Shirts Cleaning
  • Broadcloth Shirts Cleaning
  • End on end Shirts Cleaning
  • 2 Ply Cotton Shirts Cleaning

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If you are wondering what is the cost to dry clean a shirt? Please refer to our full price list here. Whereas, the question of whether to dry clean or launder dress shirts? You may refer to our shirts laundry service for more information. Lastly, some may have the question of “where to find shirts dry cleaning service near me?”. Don’t worry, our free delivery service answers your doubt. We pick up and deliver to entire Singapore. So, just relax at home and our driver will reach your doorstep.

The Type Of Shirts You May Dry Clean With Us

8 Golden Rules To Dry Clean Your Shirts Correctly

  • Firstly, read your shirt’s cleaning label. This is probably the most important step in any laundry process. If you are unsure how to read a laundry symbol, you may learn more about them here.

  • Use a cold water setting if you choose to laundry your shirt. However, if your shirt requires dry clean only, please send it to a reputable dry cleaner.

  • If you notice any stains on your shirt, act immediately. The reason is, the longer you leave the stain on your shirt, the tougher it is to be removed. Besides, if you are not sure what is causing the stains, send your shirt to a professional cleaner.

  • Only when your shirt is fully white and the material can be bleached, we will recommend you bleaching it when your shirt stains cannot be removed.

  • Use a natural detergent when you laundry your shirt. Alternatively, send it to a dry cleaner that is using eco-friendly solution.

  • Clean your shirt every time after wearing it.

  • Choose a gentle tumble drying setting to avoid shrinkage.

Why Choose Our Shirt Dry Cleaning Service

Delicate Cleaning Process

Free Stains Removal For Shirts

Natural Detergent

We use natural cleaning detergent to clean your shirts and a low-temperature drying setting.

Steam Ironing

Quality Consistency

No Burn Mark Guaranteed

Send your shirts to us for cleaning and steam ironing is included in the service.

1 Hour Express

Super Express Service

Drop In To Our Outlet

1 Hour express dry cleaning is only available at our outlet for walk-in service. Please take note that for super express we are unable to treat any stains.