Wedding Dress Storage Facility Singapore

Wedding Dress Storage Facility Singapore2021-03-23T15:38:30+08:00

Our Storage Facility Specifications

Constant Temperature Control
Humidity Control
Neutral Environment
Winter Jacket Cleaning Service Singapore

Constant Temperature & Humidity

Right after cleaning, UV light will be used to detect any residual stains on your winter jacket. Next, our staff will carefully pack your jacket into a specialised breathable cover. With the specialized care and attention, your winter jacket will retain its shape and be stored at its optimum condition. Low temperature and low humidity prohibit any enzyme growth, providing a perfect environment for your jacket to last for many years to come.

Fur Coat Cleaning Service Singapore

Mould & Storage Stains Prevention

Your winter jacket will be stored in a secured and clean environment.  Our storage facility has temperature and humidity-controlled rooms that help keep your jacket at its best condition.  This dedicated storage facility is specially designed to serve as your clothing exclusive closet. Regular checks and updates on your jacket condition will be provided to you on a timely basis.

Over Coat Cleaning Service Singapore

Optimised Your Home Space

We understand that frustration of not having enough space for your wardrobe, especially when you need to sacrifice your precious wardrobe space to store rarely worn bulky items such as your thick winter jacket. Therefore, our storage service will help you store your winter jacket at the optimal environment, and you can now enjoy more room for your (new) wardrobe!

How to Store Your Wedding Gown After the Wedding day

Preserving that amazing gown from your special day is now made easier by Reward Laundry. Every woman wants to save the beautiful dress she wore on her special day. You may have spent months or even years planning and preparing for your big day, dress shopping, decorations, china patterns, and meal menus. You want to save the memories of your wedding day and you want to save your dress. So how can you store and save your dress? First, you will want to send it to a professional cleaner and make sure that they are using delicate and eco friendly detergent, harsh chemical can be dangerous to the dress. Make sure that you allow your dress to dry completely before storing it away. The best option is to use a preservation box, that is PH balanced to store your dress in, make sure that it is opaque and doesn’t have a clear see through the window as it can let in a damaging light. Once you have your prized dress packed away in its preservation box, you will want to store in a climate-controlled area such as your closet. You will want it to remain at a steady temperature with controlled humidity to avoid damaging or staining the fabric. At Reward Laundry, we can help you with your storage needs by offering a climate-controlled storage facility.

Consequences of Improper Storage

Using an improper storage method can simply ruin a dress. Packing it away wet can or in a moist environment can cause mold and mildew damage. Using the wrong type of box or bag can stain the material and even cause other damage. Many has chosen the worst kind of storage option, hanger with plastic cover. The hanger may change the shape of the dress because of the gravity pulling the heavy dress downward. Plastic bag may trip humidity as day and night temperature and humidity fluctuation at Asia can be drastic. Storing your dress improperly can cause irreversible damage and lead to the heartbreak of losing one of the biggest memories you have of your special day.

What Reward Laundry Can Provide

With Experience in Laundry industry for more than 8 years. Preserving wedding gowns for the last 5 years have led Reward Laundry to be one of the top professionals in gown preservation in Asia. Reward Laundry offers a strictly climate and humidity controlled environment, dry storage facility, dust and pest free with delivery and inspection options. Reward Laundry can offer things that even your home closet can’t protect against. We are committed to safe guard your most important piece of dress with the most stringent control.

Why Store Your Gown in a Controlled Environment

Extreme temperatures, humidity, insects attact, and improper or excessive light can all cause damage to your gown that you spent money on and want to save for the future. Storing your gown in a controlled environment will reduce the risk of damage to the fabric and lengthen the life of your gown. So do avoid stains, decay and discoloration of your beautiful memory it’s best to store your gown in a controlled environment. We bring the risk down to the minimum so that your gown will be at its optimum condition form day one to 20 years later!

Why Preserve Your Best Memories

Does that question really need to be asked? You spent thousands of dollars and countless hours to find the perfect dress, the dress that took your breath away and made you feel like a million dollars. You wouldn’t want it destroyed, you want to save it, show it to your children, grandchildren friends and family in the future. You can’t do that if you don’t preserve the memory. It’s always nice to have the actual dress and not just pictures to take a stroll down memory lane with. Preserving and storing your dress properly will save from unnecessary. If you want to save your dress for future viewing or passing it down to your daughter or daughter to be there really isn’t a question to be asked. Many women simply want to hang onto the memories or keepsakes of their wedding day. Your dress will be the best proof of your everlasting love story for many years to come. Reward Laundry will take honor and pride in preserving and storing your wedding dress. They will make sure that it is stored in a completely climate-controlled environment and offer biannual checkups.

Preserve or Not Preserve

There should be no question asked there, naturally, you want to preserve your dress. Preserving and storing your dress is something you can do on your own, but probably shouldn’t. That is one expensive and irreplaceable memory to not preserve. Why risk the chance of storing it yourself when inevitably the risk is of damage is lessened. Don’t risk damaging your gown, contact us and with a fraction of monthly cost, have our professional team care and store your gown for you.

Preserving Best Memories…

Wedding Dress Storage Facility Singapore

Your Gown Aftercare

Our gown aftercare services start from the moment we pick-up your dress.  Followed by an exclusive process of gown restoration, premium cleaning, preservation and finally storage.

The entire process is handled by a team of professionals consist of our dedicated in-house tailors, dry cleaners and drivers.

Bridal Gown Cleaning Service Singapore

Preserve For A Lifetime

Your wedding dress is the most sentimental piece of dress you ever owned. While you are creating your life story, our job is to help you preserve it, making sure your investment worthwhile.  Imagine showing your future children or grandchildren the beautiful dress that you wore on your wedding day. We believe that everlasting marriage is precious and pricesless.

Wedding Dress Cleaning Service Singapore

Making The Distinctions

Reward Laundry is the forerunner in gown preservation in Singapore. Here, we take a different approach than our peers.  We believe in our capability to be distinctive in our work and services.  From handling a simple enquiry call to managing a sophisticated garment care request, we believe excellence in every step can make a huge difference.

The Storage Plan

1 Years Storage

  • $450 paid annually
  • Biannually Check & Update
  • 24 Hours Security Surveillance
  • 7 Days Customer Service
  • 40% Humidity Control
  • 23°C Temperature Control
  • Dust Proof Clean Room
  • Pest Proof Room
  • 30% Off Cleaning If Stains Arise
  • $30/Trip Delivery

3 Years Storage

  • $350 paid annually
  • Biannually Check & Update
  • 24 Hours Security Surveillance
  • 7 Days Customer Service
  • 40% Humidity Control
  • 23°C Temperature Control
  • Dust Proof Clean Room
  • Pest Proof Room
  • 50% Off Cleaning If Stains Arise
  • Free 1 Way Delivery Trip

5 Years Storage

  • $230 paid annually
  • Biannually Check & Update
  • 24 Hours Security Surveillance
  • 7 Days Customer Service
  • 40% Humidity Control
  • 23°C Temperature Control
  • Dust Proof Clean Room
  • Pest Proof Room
  • Free 1 Cleaning If Stains Arise
  • Free 2 Way Delivery Trip

Wedding Storage FAQ

Can I store other kind of garment than wedding dress in your facilities?2019-09-03T16:17:17+08:00

Yes. If you have any other piece of garments with sentimental value, or for any other specific reason you would like to store for the long term. Please contact us with detailed information. Our staff will assess your requirements and consult you accordingly.

What can i store inside my preservation box?2021-05-06T15:47:36+08:00

You may preserve your veil, wedding shoe, tiara, and gloves inside your preservation box. Furthermore, each item will be wrapped and packed separately before placing it into the box.

What Is Gown Preservation?2021-05-06T15:44:59+08:00

Wedding gown preservation is a unique process to prepare your gown for long-term storage. This is to say, our team will clean your dress and subsequently place it inside a custom-made box for protection. At the same time, the design of the box is to support the gown to be at an optimum environment to prevent yellowish stains, mold, mildew, etc to grow. Nevertheless, a gown preservation box should have insect-proof, dustproof, and waterproof functionalities

In summary, this process is unique to textile archiving. So, only in a clean environment, we can minimize the pollution of the cleaned gown to be preserved. Finally, you may learn more about gown preservation here.

What if I would like to terminate the storage before my term ends?2019-08-27T15:16:00+08:00

Please give us one month notice to prepare the payment cancellation and the return of the gown. For the monthly subscription plan, we will stop charging you the subsequent month payment upon receiving your notice. For annually subscription plan, the following year payment will be canceled thereafter. No refund for any unused storage month for the paid year.

Do you have insurance coverage for my gown storage?2019-08-27T15:02:17+08:00

Yes. Your gown has to be insured while in storage. Your gown will be insured for Indemnity Value. This means the value is the replacement cost less an assessed allowance for condition, age, wear and tear. However, We do not act on behalf of the insurer. We are the insured and subject to the Claims Conditions, we will claim from the insurer on your behalf.

Can I preserve my gown by myself?2021-05-06T15:50:27+08:00

There will be risk wrapping and boxing your wedding dress on your own. The reason being, not doing it properly is damaging the fabric instead of preserving it. In addition, our hands and body produce oil, when they in contact with the gown it may cause yellow stains to develop over time. Furthermore, preserving it at home may have unexpected stains depending on where you perform this process. Lastly, considering the investment of your wedding dress and the sentimental value of it, we highly recommend you to leave this process to the professionals.

How do I pay for gown storage service?2019-08-23T15:01:11+08:00

You may pay monthly or annually. If you opt for monthly payment, your credit card will be charged automatically every month. You will receive an email receipt after payment.

Can I store my gown in a plastic cover?2021-05-06T15:54:34+08:00

Storing your gown in a plastic cover is one of the worst options. The reason being plastic tends to trap moisture and cause mildew, mould, yellow stains to develop.

Can I take a look at my gown during the storage period?2019-08-23T14:50:20+08:00

Yes. Just inform our staff 3 days in advance and fix an appointment with us. You are able to view and check your gown at our center.

What benefits do I get by storing my gown at your facility?2019-08-23T14:48:11+08:00

First of all, our storage room is maintained at constant temperature and humidity. Drastic rise and drop of temperature during day and night may cause the gown material to accumulate moisture in the air. Furthermore, our staff provides a regular check for your gown (every quarterly) and update you with the storage conditions. With tight securities (24 hours CCTV surveillance), your gown will be maintained at the optimum environment at all time. If yet, any yellow stains still develop during the storage period, we provide cleaning service free or else at a discounted rate.

Why do I need to store my gown at your facility?2021-05-06T15:59:28+08:00

After years of providing preservation services, our customers came back to us for more solutions. Additionally, in Singapore, our living space is becoming smaller. On top of that with high humidity of over 90%, we find that there is a need for professional storage for the most important dress in your life. Hence, we take one step further in providing storage services to our brides.

Our wedding storage facilities a temperature and humidity-controlled room. Meanwhile, this provides the factors for your gown to stay in perfect condition at all times.

Can I hang my wedding gown in wardrobe for long term after cleaning?2021-04-30T11:07:49+08:00

Hanging your wedding gown on a hanger for long-term when you are storing it is actually bringing harm to the gown. For instance, the weight of the gown may weaken the gown strap, or even create hangle nipples on your gown. So, the best way to store your gown is to preserve it and store it in a cool dark dry place with humidity below 50C.

Additionally, remember to avoid storing your gown with plastic wrap or a zip lock bag. The reason being the plastic bag will trap moisture inside and cause discolouration on your dress. Definitely, you may speak to our staff to find out more about the storage solutions we offer.


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