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If I could give Reward Laundry six stars or more, I absolutely would. They dry cleaned 2 wedding gowns for me. Both times, every single stain was completely removed, including fake tan, mud and alcohol. The tailoring on my dresses was immaculate after the cleaning and Reward Laundry even removed dirt from one of my wedding dresses which the previous dry cleaner had told me was impossible to remove. Price-wise, Reward Laundry are super competitive, especially when you factor in the collection and return of your items for home. The delivery is organised very quickly once you get in touch. They’re also very organised, sending photos of the dress before and after the cleaning as a record, along with any areas of damage. Highly, highly recommend this firm for your wedding gowns. A consistently fabulous job.

Sarah Whyte

My beautifully beaded dress with a 2-meter train was well-loved and needed some dry-cleaning, and Reward Laundry cleaned this dress in a speedy, effective, and yet professional manner! Pick-up, cleaning, and drop-off was all done over exactly 7 days, and they turned my dusty old-looking dress into a brand new dress. They first made sure to review the dress to check for damages, and then asked if I wanted repair before getting my approval to go ahead with dry-cleaning. When it came back, it was hung on a sturdy wooden hanger and kept neatly in a simple, clear plastic packaging that is sufficient for keeping dust out. I am very pleased with their service and will recommend them to people!

Stacey Shiqi Liang

Why is it Important to Preserve Your Wedding Gown?

The wedding gown is a solid memory of that special day when you and your loved one eternally sealed the deal. Decades later, when you look at that wedding dress, and it is exactly the way it looked thirty or forty years prior, pure nostalgia will take you back to that beautiful day. Preserving your wedding gown will protect it from oxidation, yellowing, mould, and insects. You don’t want that yellowing from age or those ghastly spots from natural oxidation tampering with such a special memory!

A wedding dress should be preserved as soon as possible, otherwise it may fall victim to oxidation. The tropical climate in Singapore, with an average of 70%-80% humidity, will surely induce one of a wedding gown’s biggest enemies: mildew and mould.

As many celebrate exceptionally on their special day, it is nearly impossible to keep a wedding gown clean. Even if the gown appears clean, there are stains from sweat or were water that will oxidise over time, and leave permanent staining, ultimately ruining your dress.

A wedding gown is always wrapped up in a plastic bag, providing assumptions that the plastic bag is protecting the gown. Well, yes, it is, from liquids and other various messes, but the actual plastic that which protects your precious gown also causes a permanent yellow over your entire gown if it is not cleaned and preserved. There are many wedding gown preservation services in Singapore, but none of them match the true masters of preserving wedding gowns: Reward Laundry. We got it all.

Wedding Gown Preservation Singapore

Water & Dustproof Gown Box

Professional Preservation

Humidity & Temp Sensor

Small Preservation Box

  • 38cm X 29cm X 19cm
  • Short Dress, Veil, Shoes
  • Acid Free Papers
  • Humidity Control
  • Humidity Indicator Meter
  • Temperature Monitor

Medium Preservation Box

  • 56cm X 56cm X 28cm
  • Long Dress
  • Acid Free Papers
  • Humidity Control
  • Humidity Indicator Meter
  • Temperature Monitor

Large Preservation Box

  • 56cm X 56cm X 50cm
  • Long Tail/Ball Gown
  • Acid Free Papers
  • Humidity Control
  • Humidity Indicator Meter
  • Temperature Monitor

* We do not provide the sales of gown box only. Preservation service has to be right after dry cleaning. For more information, please call our hotline at 6534 4843.

Reward Laundry: The Best Wedding Gown Preservation in Singapore

When it comes to wedding gown preservation services in Singapore, Reward Laundry is the place to go. We offer free expert services with convenient door to door services, island-wide. Yes, we offer pick-up and delivery of your precious wedding dress for free!

With us, you will know that your wedding dress will forever be in good condition – The kings of wedding gown preservation services will first clean your special garment with 100% eco-friendly techniques, then wrap it safely with acid-free paper to protect every level of the dress, pack it up safely in a specialised Garment Archival Storage box equipped with silica for moisture levels, and finally deliver it to your doorstep for FREE! Ok, that is a lot of great services to take in all at once. To summarise, Reward Laundry, the best wedding gown preservation service in Singapore, offers:

  • Professional and friendly experts to help you 7 days a week
  • 100% Eco friendly cleaning
  • A specialised Garment Archival Storage
  • Acid free-paper protecting layers of your treasured gown
  • Silica for moisture control

So, why wait? Contact our friendly and helpful professionals that are eager to hear about your beautiful dress, and guide you through your wedding dress preservation journey. Call us today or make an appointment to begin your very own journey with us.

What would you get when you preserving your gown with us:

  • A custom made gown preservation box (insect, splash & dust proof). Size depends on your gown size.

  • Acid Free Papers for layer to layer protections.

  • Silica sachets for moisture control.

  • A glove for future gown checking.

  • An instruction on how to maintain your preserved gown.

Box Size: 56 X 56 X 28cm

Preservation FAQ

What Is Gown Preservation?2019-09-03T16:18:02+08:00

Wedding gown preservation is a unique process to prepare your gown for long term storage. Your gown will be cleaned and subsequently placed inside a custom made box for protections. The design of the box is to support the gown to be at an optimum environment to prevent enzyme, mould, mildew etc to grow. This process is unique to textile archiving and it’s normally performed by professionals at a clean environment.

What can i store inside my preservation box?2019-08-27T17:03:33+08:00

You may preserve your veil, wedding shoe, tiara, and gloves inside your preservation box. Each item will be wrapped and packed separately before placing it into the box. However, we do not recommend any jewelry to be stored for security reason.

Can I preserve my gown by myself?2019-08-26T16:32:29+08:00

There will be risk wrapping and boxing your wedding dress on your own. Not doing it properly is damaging the fabric instead of preserving it. Our hand and body produce oil, when in contact with gown may cause yellow stains to develop over time. Furthermore, preserving it at home may have unexpected stains depending on where you perform this process. Considering the investment of your wedding dress and the sentimental value of it, we highly recommend you to leave this process to the professionals.

Can I store my gown in a plastic cover?2019-08-23T14:53:19+08:00

Storing your gown in a plastic cover is one of the worst options. The reason is plastic tends to trap moisture and cause mildew, mould, yellow stains to develop.

Why do I need to store my gown at your facility?2019-08-23T14:43:47+08:00

After years of providing preservation services, our customers came back to us for more solutions. Being in Singapore, our living space become smaller, and with high humidity of over 90%, we find that there is a need for professional storage for the most important dress in your life. Hence, we take one step further in providing storage services to our brides.

How soon should I preserve my gown after wedding?2019-08-23T14:39:22+08:00

Well, the answer is as soon as possible. As stains (visible & invisible) may start to sip into the fabric fiber deeper and deeper over time, we advise brides to send in their gown right after their weddings. Reward Laundry is specialized in this area, and our free delivery will solve the hassle.

Can I hang my wedding gown in wardrobe for long term?2019-08-23T14:35:52+08:00

Hanging your wedding gown on a hanger for long-term when you store it is actually bringing harm to the gown. The weigh of the gown may weaken the gown strap, or even create hangle nipples on your gown. The best way to store your gown is to preserve it and store it in a cool dark dry place with humidity below 50. Speak to our staff to find out more about the storage solutions we offer.

Can I buy only the preservation box from you?2017-10-19T14:11:22+08:00

No. As we need to ensure the quality of the preservation, only our trained staff will be able to perform the preservation process. We will need to ensure the quality of our work and box to be used correctly.

I have already dry cleaned my gown with another provider, can you do only preservation for my gown?2017-10-19T14:07:25+08:00

No. As we are not able to guarantee the quality of the dry cleaned gown, we will recommend you to dry clean with us again before preservation.

Can I clean my gown first and preserve it another time?2017-10-19T14:06:02+08:00

We strongly recommend that you do cleaning and preservation together. As the gown is at its cleanest condition, we preserve it at it’s best. Any exposure outside will cause new stains and dirt which in long term, turned in to yellowish spots. We will request you to clean the gown again if it has been cleaned more than one week.

Can you remove the stains from my dress before preservation?2017-10-19T14:03:08+08:00

We will use our best effort to remove the stains on your gown, however we are not able to guarantee 100% removal. We will not compromise your fabric material with strong and harsh stains removal detergent. Up to 98% of the time, we are able to remove the stains found on your dress.

What are the features of your preservation box?2017-10-19T14:00:07+08:00

Our preservation box is dust proof and waterproof. As the box is sealed entirely, it’s insect and pest proof as well.

Can I dry clean my gown without preservation?2017-10-19T13:55:54+08:00

Yes. you may dry clean your gown with us. Without preservation, please store your dress in a good ventilated area with low humidity. Strong a dress with plastic wrap is a wrong practice, as this will stop the gown from breathing and it may trap any humidity which speed up enzyme to develop. Strong a dress in a vacuum pack will caused the gown to change shape over time as well.

Can I take my gown out for checking after preservation?2017-10-19T13:51:42+08:00

A clean glove is provided in your preservation box. You may use it to do checking on your gown when you need to touch it. We recommend that you do not take your gown out completely to avoid pollution and contamination. You may peel the gown by layers during checking, and place them back carefully. Once you notice yellow spots started to develop, send it back to us immediately. If that happens, we strongly suggest you to change your storage location as the humidity of the area may not be ideal for your gown.

Will the detergent you used bring harms to my dress?2017-10-19T13:46:56+08:00

At Reward Laundry, we are using delicate and gentle eco friendly detergent for your gown cleaning. Our detergent is approved my the government and environmental agencies. Your dress will be protected from harmful chemical. The entire process will be handled with extra care.

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