Chinese Wedding Kua Dry Cleaning Service Singapore

Over the past 7 years, Reward Laundry has developed experienced personnel to use the various equipment needed for the dry cleaning and drying procedures for Kua cleaning. We use exceptional and exclusive processes to care for the home, businesses, and special occasions garments and fabrics. The exceptional customer service, experienced operators, and the excellent delivery services detail expertise, dedication, attention to details in the laundry and cleaning business unmatched. 

Seamless Booking System – Pick Up & Delivery Service

We provide exceptional customer service and the insured delivery team provides excellent delivery times which produces loyal customers for the future. Our team will be assisting you from appointment making, pick up & delivery, professional dry cleaning and even preservation services if required. 

The dry-cleaning process begins with the professional stain assessment to understand the structure of the stain. The cleaning procedure uses ‘eco’ friendly cleaning chemicals to clean the stain on the specialized fabrics and unique garment styles. The meticulous gentle drying procedures require specialists to complete this precise procedure to prevent damage to the garment.

Delicate Steam Pressing Process

The advances of dry cleaning equipment show in the steam press, which has computerised digital controls allowing the operator to adjust the steam temperature. The computerised dials provide an accurate adjustment with additional function permitting a burst of steam on a single spot stain. The steam burst helps release the most stubborn creases and wrinkles without burning or scorching any fragile material. The computerised digital control panel shows multiple dry heat and steam temperatures easily adjusted by the experienced operator.

Kua Preservation Process

You may preserve your wedding Kua in a specialised gown storage box. Our expert itemizes the gown details and accessories for the preservation. When the gown arrives at the dry cleaners, the customer service notes the arrival and gives the gown to the stain assessment specialist. The stains are noted along with the beads, sequins, or any other attached ornament as these will be replaced after the cleaning procedure. The special cleaning preservation procedures will keep the gown pristine for generations. For full preservation details please click here.