Soft Toys Cleaning Singapore

How Do We Clean Your Plush Toy?

Your soft toy will go through our specialised dry-cleaning process. A customised cover will be used to protect your soft toy from changing shape. However, not all soft toys are suitable for dry-cleaning. We will first assess the material and condition of your soft toy prior to actual cleaning. If your soft toy is not suitable for dry-clean, we will recommend it to be hand-washed instead.

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Soft Toys?

Unwashed soft toys could accumulate dust, dirt, and germs over a period of time. This may pose a health risk, especially towards children who have asthma or allergies. Therefore, you want to make sure that these soft toys are cleaned regularly.

In terms of how frequent you should clean your soft toys, we recommend to regularly wipe the soft toy with a cleaned damp cloth, as well as immediate cleaning if you spot any stain or mud. Otherwise, we recommend deep clean the soft toys at least once every 6 months. We provide soft toy cleaning services at your convenience, feel free to contact us today to get a quote on the cleaning cost as it varies by the size of the soft toy.

Where Can You Clean Your Soft Toy?

We provide island-wide pick-up and delivery services for your soft toy cleaning – we understand the inconveniences of carrying around soft toys to a dry cleaner. However, if you prefer to send it to us directly, we are conveniently located in the central of Singapore. City Hall or Esplanade MRT is our nearest station!

Can you do a minor repair for my stuff toy before cleaning?

Absolutely! We have a team of seamstresses who are able to provide minor repair for your stuff toy! Our staff will assess the condition of the damage and advise you accordingly. Simple repair such as broken stitches and topping up of inner sponged can be done by our in-house seamstresses. Since every damage is different, send us a photo of the soft toy today and our team will provide the best suggestions to care for your plushy.

How much does it cost to clean my soft toy?

The cleaning cost varies based on the soft toy’s size, condition, and type of material. You may send us a photo of your plush toy via Whatsapp or email for a more accurate quote.

How frequently should I clean my soft toys?

The cleaning frequency greatly depends on how often you use your plushy. For daily use plushy, we recommend you clean it at least once every 6 months. For display-only soft toys, once a year cleaning will be sufficient. If you own a pet at home, we suggest you clean it more frequently such as once a month.

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