On-Site Curtain Steam Cleaning Service

The Fastest Way To Clean Your Curtain

  • Same Day Curtain Steam Cleaning (1-2 Hours)

  • Gentle for delicate materials

  • Confirmed quotation (no surprise bill)

  • Safest and most suitable for high ceiling (more than 3 meters height)

  • Cleaning and sanitizing done at the same time

The Best On-Site Curtain Cleaning Service Singapore

First and foremost, among the wide variety of services we offer to our customers, on-site our curtain steam cleaning service is one that can be counted on for maximum efficiency and minimum time consumption on the part of the customer.

Hence, with this on-site curtain cleaning service, our customer’s needs can be met then and there, with the cleaning taking place on-site with complete care taken toward the curtain. So, no harm or damage would be done due to the transportation, dismantling, and installation process. Best of all, the service will run from start to finish within 1 – 2 hours and will cover all the necessary steps to ensure a fast and effective clean. Here, we use the latest machine to achieve its high standard of quality deep cleaning.

Nevertheless, our machine steam and sanitized your curtains with high pressure. Besides, we steam clean curtains while hanging. As a result, this process kills germs and sanitizes the curtain at the same time. Furthermore, you may get the job done in the comfort of your home in minimum time with this on-the-spot curtain cleaning option. On top of that, we reduce the risk of accidents happening during the dismantling and installation of curtains. Hence, this option tends to be a favourite option for the high-ceiling homeowner.

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On Site Curtain Cleaning Singapore

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Curtain Steam Cleaning Quotation

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We offer fast appointment confirmation for Curtain Steam Cleaning Services. With 7 days of customer service support, you can be sure that we are always there for you.

On-site curtain cleaning will take about 1-2 hours. Thereafter, just let your curtains dry naturally. Your curtain is fresh and clean again!


Curtain Steam Cleaning

Ready Instantly

Is Your Curtain Suitable for Steam Cleaning? Check out the following type of curtain we clean:

  • Day Curtain or Sheer Curtain

  • Night Curtain

  • Blackout Curtain

  • Stage Curtains

  • Office Curtains

  • High Ceiling Curtains (More than 3 meters)

  • Roman Blinds

  • Velvet Curtain

Effective Service Time

1-2 Hours On The Spot Cleaning

Cleaning & Sanitising

Normal curtain cleaning takes about a week. If you have urgent time frame, this is the best choice for you.

No Down Time

We bring the machine to your home

Your Privacy Is Important

With On The Spot cleaning you enjoy no down time, if privacy is important to you, this is your best choice for curtain cleaning.

Convenient Booking

Hotline: 6534 4843

Island-wide service

We are just 1 call away. Our customer service officer will arrange the schedule according to your preferred timing.

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