Dress Dry Cleaning Singapore

Do you know that a lot of people have done their dress dry cleaning wrong? In actual fact, dresses dry cleaning has got a lot more details to attend to. Here, we explain how we can ensure your dresses go back to you fresh, sleek, and well maintained. At the end of the articles, you should be able to know what to do before and after sending your dresses for dry cleaning.

Please bear in mind that a good dry cleaner ensures all parts of the dress would be taken care of. This means we ensure both the inner and outer layers of your dresses are being steamed ironed delicately. Also, for specialized dress stains removal services, you may read more here.

Why should you send your dresses for dry clean?

You might have invested a huge amount in filling your wardrobe with the most attractive pieces of dresses. There is no point in taking a risk about their cleaning; especially, when professional dry cleaning is advised in the care labels as well.

In such situations, you should take services from an experienced dry cleaner to maintain the health of the fabrics in the long run. Moreover, the professional dry cleaners know how to take out all the tough stains, including grease and oil, without damaging the delicate fabrics.

There are so many reasons to opt for dry cleaning services offered by cleaning service providers in Singapore; few of them are listed below:

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  • The experienced professionals at the Dress Dry Cleaning platform prefer to use trusted techniques for the removal of tough stains. We check cloths and apply dry cleaning procedures with color protection. We guarantee gentle dry and steam ironing that ensures burn free maintenance of cloths.

  • You will be happy to hear that we are here to offer free pick up and delivery to their clients at different corners of the city. You can contact us at any hour of the day; the experienced teams are ready to entertain your request on a priority basis.

  • It is also possible to make bookings for the express service that is available for 24 hours. However, the basic dry-cleaning service takes 4-5 working days to complete.

  • Conveniently you can make bookings online, initiate a call, or make use of our centrally located outlet to access to reliable dry-cleaning services for a variety of fabrics.

  • The experienced team at our dry-cleaning platform offers quality work with affordable pricing.

Which dresses materials need dry cleaning?

Before you take your dress to a professional dress dry cleaner in Singapore, it is important to understand which cloths actually require it. Although it is good to check the care label of the fabric to make an adequate decision, few garments made up of the following material may require dry cleaning:

  • Polyester Dress – Dry Cleaning or machine wash at max. 30ºC/86ºF with a short spin cycle

  • Viscose dress – Dry Cleaning or machine wash at with cold water cycle.

  • Acetate Dress – Dry Clean only unless the washing label suggests otherwise.

  • Silk Dress – Dry Clean only unless the washing label suggests otherwise.

  • Velvet Dress – Dry Clean only unless the washing label suggests otherwise.

  • Wool Dress – Dry Clean only unless the washing label suggests otherwise.

  • Taffeta Dress – Dry Clean only unless the washing label suggests otherwise.

  • Rayon Dress – Dry Clean only unless the washing label suggests otherwise.

You may learn more about which fabric material is suitable for dry cleaning here.

The Type Of Dresses You May Dry Clean With Us

How much does dress dry cleaning cost?

  • Normal Dress Dry Cleaning – for a normal dress dry cleaning service with ironing included. Our dress dry cleaning cost starts from $12.50 per piece.

  • Premium Dress Dry Cleaning – We suggest that you go for premium dress dry cleaning if your dress is made from delicate materials (silk, wool, velvet etc). Dresses with special designs such as embroidery, laces, or beads are better to be sent to us for premium dry clean. Our premium dry clean process will make sure your dress is well protected during the washing process. Our premium dress dry cleaning cost starts from $15 per piece.

  • Express Dress Dry Cleaning – For our 24 hours dress express dry cleaning service. The charges will be 2 times the normal rate. So, please send us your dress photo for an accurate quotation. Our staff will be able to arrange a pickup and delivery slot for you.

4-5 Working Days

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It takes less than a week to get your Dresses dry cleaned with us. You could either drop your items at our outlet or arrange a home/office collection. Call us now to book an appointment.

Express Service

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Ready In 24 Hours

Send your items for express dry cleaning at our outlet at Raffles Place or arrange a home/office pick up at minimum $100.

1 Hour Express

Super Express Service

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1 Hour express dry cleaning is only available at our outlet from Mon-Fri 9am-7pm. Please take note that for super express we are unable to treat any stains.