Wedding Dress Cleaning Singapore

Wedding Dress Cleaning Singapore2021-04-30T14:42:26+08:00

Keep Precious Memories Forever

Wedding Dress Cleaning Singapore

Reward Laundry, we pride ourselves in providing the best wedding dress cleaning and preservation service in Singapore. Over the past 9 years, we served thousands of happy brides in Singapore cleaning and storing their most important piece of dress.

Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Dress Cleaning

Indeed, bridal gowns represent the impression of memory on your special day. However, during the wedding, your gowns may get dirty easily. To help you solve this issue, we are providing one-stop wedding gowns and suit aftercare services. Furthermore, for those who love to keep their gowns as a memory, we bring in the gown preservation service with key features to help your dress store in the best condition.

Hence, contact us today, our staff will do a price estimation according to your requests.

Your Gown After Care

Professional stains removal for delicate material

In-house tailor & delivery team

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Every piece of dress is different. So, let us understand your specific requirements.

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Cleaning With Love


Reward Laundry dedicate a special unit for bridal gowns cleaning. Moreover, our specially trained team follows our in-house procedure to clean your dresses and final touch by hand.

Above all, we take charge of hundreds of wedding dresses each week, identifying materials and conditions for different treatments. Undoubtedly, we are committed to delivering unrivaled results restoring your beautiful dresses to their optimal condition.

Personalized Cleaning

Our Process

As an illustration, you will receive a pre-cleaning report of your dress. Subsequently, there will be recommendations for stains treatments and repair if there are any. Next, your wedding gown will be treated only in our special clean room, with machines and tools dedicated to it.

While the normal cleaning time for your wedding dresses is 2 weeks, you may let us know if you have a specific date to meet.

understanding your needs


Finally, upon completion, the quality control team will do a detailed check to confirm the standard. Certainly, your dress will be boxed, wrapped, or hang according to material for best protection before transport back to you.

Wedding Cleaning Redefined

Every dress is unique. Hence our wedding gown cleaning process begins with an experienced specialist’s assessment.

Customized Cleaning

Eco-Friendly Detergent

Delicate Cleaning

Gentle Drying

Professional Stains Treatment

Targetted Solutions

Preservation Service

Long Term Storage

What Our Brides Say About Us

Very happy with the wedding gown dry clean and preservation services provided by Reward Laundry to handle my Wife’s wedding gown that was in the closet for an number of years. Managed to remove the yellow patches and give us the assurance it will not turn yellow for quite a while.

HM Lim

My beautifully beaded dress with a 2-meter train was well-loved and needed some dry-cleaning, and Reward Laundry cleaned this dress in a speedy, effective, and yet professional manner! Pick-up, cleaning, and drop-off was all done over exactly 7 days, and they turned my dusty old-looking dress into a brand new dress. They first made sure to review the dress to check for damages, and then asked if I wanted repair before getting my approval to go ahead with dry-cleaning. When it came back, it was hung on a sturdy wooden hanger and kept neatly in a simple, clear plastic packaging that is sufficient for keeping dust out. I am very pleased with their service and will recommend them to people!

Stacey Shiqi Liang

Reward laundry was very prompt in responding to my order and had great flexibility to accommodate to my special requests. The driver engaged was very efficient and professional. Overall, the service provided was good and the whole process was seamless and efficient.

Amanda Lee

If I could give Reward Laundry six stars or more, I absolutely would. They dry cleaned 2 wedding gowns for me. Both times, every single stain was completely removed, including fake tan, mud and alcohol. The tailoring on my dresses was immaculate after the cleaning and Reward Laundry even removed dirt from one of my wedding dresses which the previous dry cleaner had told me was impossible to remove. Price-wise, Reward Laundry are super competitive, especially when you factor in the collection and return of your items for home. The delivery is organised very quickly once you get in touch. They’re also very organised, sending photos of the dress before and after the cleaning as a record, along with any areas of damage. Highly, highly recommend this firm for your wedding gowns. A consistently fabulous job.

Sarah Whyte

This place is really good. I was so scared to clean my wedding dress cause it is handmade just for me, and I checked a lot of places before but almost every place has bad reviews. I’m quite happy, I found Reward Laundry! Dry cleaning was not expensive and quite fast (6 days). Stong recommend!

Marina Meier

Wedding Dress Cleaning FAQ

What Is Gown Preservation?2021-05-06T15:44:59+08:00

Wedding gown preservation is a unique process to prepare your gown for long-term storage. This is to say, our team will clean your dress and subsequently place it inside a custom-made box for protection. At the same time, the design of the box is to support the gown to be at an optimum environment to prevent yellowish stains, mold, mildew, etc to grow. Nevertheless, a gown preservation box should have insect-proof, dustproof, and waterproof functionalities

In summary, this process is unique to textile archiving. So, only in a clean environment, we can minimize the pollution of the cleaned gown to be preserved. Finally, you may learn more about gown preservation here.

What is the different between wedding dress dry cleaning and standard dry cleaning2021-04-30T14:35:07+08:00

First of all, we see each and every dress as unique. Hence, the cleaning process of your wedding dress is different for every piece. On the other hand, as we come across wedding gowns of different ages and conditions, a customization process is needed for every situation. Hence, we will perform a pre-cleaning assessment for every dress to identify its needs.

Furthermore, we clean your dresses in a cleaned room dedicated only to wedding dress cleaning. Moreover, an in-house seamstress team is always on standby for your dress restoration needs. Most importantly, we involve our brides in every step along the way with frequent update communications.

What is my wedding dress cleaning cost?2021-04-30T14:29:55+08:00

Most importantly, remember to include your wedding dress cleaning into your wedding budget. Hence, to get a quotation of your wedding dress cleaning cost, you may send us a photo of your dress. Subsequently, our staff will do the price estimation for you. Certainly, the final cost is based on the material, design, condition, as well as washing requirement of the dress.  In summary, premium quality wedding dress cleaning costs range from $150 to $280 with us.

When should I clean my wedding dress?2021-04-30T14:28:43+08:00

Absolutely you should clean your wedding dress right after your wedding. Particularly if your dress is stained. This is to say that you may be tired after your wedding, you do not want to carry the heavy gowns with other million things to do going around. So, it should be noted that you may arrange a free pick-up service by us from anywhere in Singapore. Most importantly, our specialized vehicle can reduce the chance of any damage during transportation.

How do you clean my wedding dress?2021-04-30T14:27:17+08:00

In short, we follow the dress washing label. That is to say, our cleaning technique ranges from dry clean only to hands wash. In the meantime, drying and steaming temperature will be strictly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Additionally, our emphasis for wedding dress cleaning is to only use delicate and eco-friendly detergent. Definitely, you may contact us for more information.

Do you provide wedding dress storage box for my dress after cleaning?2021-04-30T14:25:56+08:00

Definitely! So, if you are planning to store your dress for the long term, please opt for our gown preservation service. Our custom-made wedding dress preservation box is dust, insect, and waterproof to maintain your dress at the optimum condition at all times. Certainly, our staff will be able to give the best suggestions to cater to your specific needs.

Are you able to pick-up and delivery my dress at different location?2021-04-30T14:24:18+08:00

Yes, we can. Firstly, we recommend you do a prewedding cleaning and steaming for your gown. Subsequently, our delivery team will be able to deliver your refreshed gown to your wedding venue. After that, you may request us to pick up your dresses from the wedding venue and send them back to your home.

Do you provide wedding dress restoration service?2021-04-30T11:42:06+08:00

Yes, we do. Our in-house team is specializes in restoring your dress before cleaning. For instance, if you have an aged wedding dress that you would like to rewash, speak to us for options to replace the materials, repair the torn or missing button, or even redesigning it for a brand new look. For more information about our in-house seamstress services, please follow this link to The Alteration Studio.

Can I hang my wedding gown in wardrobe for long term after cleaning?2021-04-30T11:07:49+08:00

Hanging your wedding gown on a hanger for long-term when you are storing it is actually bringing harm to the gown. For instance, the weight of the gown may weaken the gown strap, or even create hangle nipples on your gown. So, the best way to store your gown is to preserve it and store it in a cool dark dry place with humidity below 50C.

Additionally, remember to avoid storing your gown with plastic wrap or a zip lock bag. The reason being the plastic bag will trap moisture inside and cause discolouration on your dress. Definitely, you may speak to our staff to find out more about the storage solutions we offer.

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