Constant Temperature & Humidity

Right after cleaning, UV light will be used to detect any residual stains on your winter jacket. Next, our staff will carefully pack your jacket into a specialised breathable cover. With the specialized care and attention, your winter jacket will retain its shape and be stored at its optimum condition. Low temperature and low humidity prohibit any enzyme growth, providing a perfect environment for your jacket to last for many years to come.

Mould & Storage Stains Prevention

Your winter jacket will be stored in a secured and clean environment.  Our storage facility has temperature and humidity-controlled rooms that help keep your jacket at its best condition.  This dedicated storage facility is specially designed to serve as your clothing exclusive closet. Regular checks and updates on your jacket condition will be provided to you on a timely basis.

Optimised Your Home Space

We understand that frustration of not having enough space for your wardrobe, especially when you need to sacrifice your precious wardrobe space to store rarely worn bulky items such as your thick winter jacket. Therefore, our storage service will help you store your winter jacket at the optimal environment, and you can now enjoy more room for your (new) wardrobe!

Why Us?

The wedding gown is a sacred dress for all brides-to-be because it is the ultimate garment for that one trip down the aisle. The bridal gown is the sole representation of the memory of that special day. In just one day, gowns easily get dirty and it is virtually impossible to keep it spotless and tightened. And, being a gown we want to keep, restoring it to when it was first tried on is something essential to have done by professionals. At Reward Laundry, we are here to do the job perfectly for all wedding gowns and have them last well beyond the wedding day.

We will keep your wedding dress in good condition for eternity by using 100% Eco-friendly techniques to clean, then wrap the gown with acid-free paper rather than plastic,  and then packed up in our specialized large Garment Archival Storage box, with various sizes. (This is recommended for long-tailed gowns; small and medium gowns can fit in separate preservation boxes featuring the same protection.) With humidity and acidity control, we make it all worth your while, we will have free pick-up and delivery of your gown.

Why Do You Need To Restore Your Gown?

The wedding gown should undergo restoration and preservation very soon after the wedding because of oxidation. Thanks to the tropical climate that is 70% to 80% humidity, mildew and mould will come in and affect the wedding gown, so restoration before the worse substances is needed.  Plastic usually covers the wedding gown from all liquids and other substances, but a yellowish color finds itself on the gown coming from the plastic. It can be easily permanent if not cleaned and preserved. We, at Reward Laundry, can dry clean it completely and restore it to its former glory for long-time preservation.

What Could You Do With Your Gown?

Possible areas for restoration are: change the lining, sew or replace beads and buttons, dry clean the yellow stains, and fix tearing seams and weak thread These are the easiest things in a restoration. If another service says it will be like new, here’s some honest truth: there are limitations to a restoration. A gown could look like it’s been completely saved, but, we must be honest in saying that a 100% restoration is impossible. Certain fabrics and any vintage beads or buttons are difficult to find and duplicate. You may speak to our in-house tailor today about your expectations with your wedding dress restoration or redesign project. Our professionals will explain what to expect and closely accurate we can restore the wedding gown.

What Is Gown Preservation?
If I could give Reward Laundry six stars or more, I absolutely would. They dry cleaned 2 wedding gowns for me. Both times, every single stain was completely removed, including fake tan, mud and alcohol. The tailoring on my dresses was immaculate after the cleaning and Reward Laundry even removed dirt from one of my wedding dresses which the previous dry cleaner had told me was impossible to remove. Price-wise, Reward Laundry are super competitive, especially when you factor in the collection and return of your items for home. The delivery is organised very quickly once you get in touch. They’re also very organised, sending photos of the dress before and after the cleaning as a record, along with any areas of damage. Highly, highly recommend this firm for your wedding gowns. A consistently fabulous job.
Sarah Whyte

My beautifully beaded dress with a 2-meter train was well-loved and needed some dry-cleaning, and Reward Laundry cleaned this dress in a speedy, effective, and yet professional manner! Pick-up, cleaning, and drop-off was all done over exactly 7 days, and they turned my dusty old-looking dress into a brand new dress. They first made sure to review the dress to check for damages, and then asked if I wanted repair before getting my approval to go ahead with dry-cleaning. When it came back, it was hung on a sturdy wooden hanger and kept neatly in a simple, clear plastic packaging that is sufficient for keeping dust out.

I am very pleased with their service and will recommend them to people!

Stacey Shiqi Liang