Reward Laundry have been in this sector of business more than 8 years, with many years experience in marketing in Singapore and providing the sharpest laundry and dry cleaning services that are always proving the be the best; with their philosophy being, to focus on the quality not the quantity.

Reward Laundry have a specialist department as well that are specifically knowledgeable and experienced in cleaning services. They have a unique in house base of solutions almost all cleaning problems that arise; even strange issues. They take extra care with garments that are special to the person and need that extra bit of care, such as a wedding dress.

Reward Laundry are a company that provide low temperature drying for our dry cleaning and laundry services in Singapore. We have a team that specialise in this line of work and we have a smooth delivery service that ensures pick up deliveries are provided in time.

Our dry cleaning services include laundry, wash and fold (powerload wash), stain removal (powerstain removal), ironing & starching services and garments laundry also known as wet wash. All of these individual services are of high quality and ensure that you clothes are taken care of with our high quality equipment and tools onsite.

All of our services integrate low temperature drying processes, that has been benefits to it and enables the garments the overall have a better finish and end product. The heat in air fixed dryers moves through the clothing at the same time absorbing the water. The garments are produced after the drying process and the outcome is that they are gentle and soft, providing comfort when the clothing is worn and general looks good. It’s the smallest details that makes the difference. 

Most delicate garments require low temperature drying process, the soft and gentle approach retains fabric fibre at it’s original texture. Bear in mind that clothing that shrunk by over heated drying process cannot be restored any more!

Even though lower temperature require more time, our focus on quality has rewarded us well. we receive good feedback and well respond from our customers.