What is Ozone?

Ozone is a colourless gas with powerful oxidizing ability. Compared to normal oxygen (O2), ozone has three molecules (O3). The additional oxygen atom makes Ozone a reactive molecule that will quickly detach and grab onto other kinds of molecule when it comes into contact within the air or other surfaces. Ozone has a natural fresh scent.

How Ozone Remove Odour For Your Clothing?

As Ozone is a reactive molecule, the extra oxygen atom will detach and grab onto the odor molecule and change the composition of the odor molecule to become odorless molecule. The process is scientifically known as oxidation.

The combination of the reactive oxidation process and the natural fresh scent makes Ozone an effective molecule to eliminate strong odors from your clothing items.

How is Ozone Different From Deodorizer?

Deodorizer often acts as a cover-up or mask for the odour. It has only temporary effect to hide the unpleasant smell from clothing items – when the deodorizer is worn off, the odour will emerge again. Conversely, Ozone has the ability to change the entire composition of the odour through the oxidation process, resulting in complete and long-term removal of any unpleasant smell from the clothing items.

When To Apply Ozone Disinfection Service?

  • Leather Jacket Cleaning

  • Shoe or Boots Cleaning

  • Pillow or Bolster Cleaning

  • Winter Jacket Cleaning

Is My Garments Safe After Ozone Disinfection?

We perform the Ozone Disinfection Treatment in a designated area at our facility. After the treatment, we ensure that space is well ventilated so that any ozone residual that may trap inside your clothing item is fully eliminated.

Ozone has a very short lifespan, lasting between 30 minutes to 1-2 hours for it to break down into breathable oxygen. Therefore, there will be no more ozone residual by the time we deliver the clothing item back to you. Overall, ozone is a safe and effective agent that has been used in the cleaning industry for decades.

If you are eager to get rid of the stubborn and unpleasant odour from any of your clothing items or footwear, feel free to speak to our specialist today to find out more about our Ozone Disinfection Treatment.