Sometime when you forget to remove your clothes from the washing machine you could face mould problems, this can become a problem for some. If you do not know how to deal with the situation. Here in this article you can find ways to deal with the problems you face when it comes to mould.  Treatment is determined on how old the mould is.

  • Checking the labels

    Every piece of cloth comes with manufacturer instructions. These instructions usually involve the water temperature when washing, the kind of washing tool you can or should use and whether you should iron the cloth. You should also find whether you can use a drying machine to dry the item.

  • Let it dry

    This depends on the fabric, but it can sometimes help to let the stain dry in the sun before trying to remove it. This usually works with the white t-shirts, if you plan on using a coloured nylon shirt it will not work.

Products You Can Use To Remove Mould

  • Soap

    Liquid or bar household soap for old stains work wonders. These two household soaps will you remove old stains and mould from fabricated clothing. You just rub the soap in directly and rinse with warm water. Finally set the fabric out to dry in the sun.

  • White Vinegar

    This is a perfect killer when it comes to mould. Work the solution into the affected area, or soak the clothing in a cup of vinegar and a bucket of water. Add half a cup of water in a washing machine spin with the affected clothing added. This will kill any bacteria and delete all the mould.

  • Bleaching Mould

    Even though bleach is effective when it comes to making mould disappear it does have a side effect on colors, it drains the colors of fabric. It is important to only use bleach on white fabric or colorfast clothing. You can scrub the bleach directly onto the affected area or soak the clothing in water over a period of time then rinse with warm water to see lasting results.

For best results people use odor removal services to help keep any mould at bay. For mould removal it is highly affective to use a professional cleaning service in Singapore.

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