We have all been there, stuck abroad with a suitcase full of dirty laundry and nothing to do about it. It seems we finally have some good news as Reward Laundry is looking to change that. Reward Laundry is a very highly regarded laundry and cleaning service in Singapore. They offer a variety of services including ironing, dry cleaning and textile cleaning; they even cater to large businesses and public institutions.

  • With over 8 years of professional experience catering to both corporate and individual clients Reward Laundry guarantees their customers quality service and peace of mind at every step. Having already served more than 25 000 satisfied customers in Singapore you can trust that you are handing over your cherished garments to one of the most renowned ironing and pressing services in Singapore.

  • Whether you are travelling to Singapore for a short business trip or a long family vacation Reward Laundry is an excellent choice and will cater to you needs in an efficient and exemplarily manner. Reward Laundry’s ironing staff are trained professionals and it shows in the quality of their work. Experts in steam pressing and steam ironing, they are able to use the latest and most advanced methods to ensure excellent results accompanied by the same care for your clothing that you have.

  • Reward Laundry does not favour archaic hand ironing methods, instead using the latest in automated technology to provide quality and consistency higher than anything you will find in a conventional system. The automated ironing system utilized by Reward Laundry is much faster and more consistent than human hands could ever be, capable of ironing and pressing at 120 pieces an hour. Reward Laundry also utilises professional equipment for delicate fabric steaming, keeping your costly and delicate garments safe during the ironing process.

  • Reward Laundry also guarantees customers absolutely no damage to their clothing. They achieve this monumental task through the usage of advanced ironing and pressing systems to make sure each piece is treated in the correct way with regards to its delicateness and material. Reward Laundry favours steam pressing which irons and presses clothes without risk of burning or damage. Clothes’s steaming also lengthens the life of clothing meaning your favourite piece will stay around longer.

  • Reward Laundry offers customers the luxury of both pickup and delivery services. They even offer emergency 48, 24 and 1 hour services! Anyone who has ever had to rush to meet and extreme deadline can tell you just how amazing that is. Even when you’re operating on a more leisurely timeline a pickup and delivery service takes a huge stress off of your back, letting you put the ironing to the back of your mind and get on with your business.

  • Customers have great freedom when working with Reward Laundry. Online booking, call-in and-walk in are all supported, giving you the flexibility to use the service as it suits your schedule best and with the method that you are most comfortable with.

  • Reward Laundry has full 7 day customer service, further showing their understanding of the busy schedules of their clients. When it comes to your time it is always helpful to work with a company like Reward Laundry that shows flexibility and understanding in their own working hours.