While white shirts is among the most popular colour in your daily/ working attire, it’s the easiest one to get stain or dirt.

If you notice a shade of yellowish on you white shirts, or a stain that you couldn’t get rid of, there is the time you could consider bleaching your clothes.

Or you could notice stains around the collar, sleeves or chest area, the most common place people get stain on their clothing. So if you are wondering how to bleach your clothes, come to us for an instant solution!

At Reward Laundry, we provides our in-house bleaching technique to restore your white clothes brightness. Our bleaching solution brings whitening to your white attire, for the white-lover, this is the best news you could get.

It’s healthy to give your white clothes a bleach once in a while but not all the time. Our experience staff would do a check before receiving your clothes. The check is to simple confirm if your clothes is up for the bleaching process.

Leave the chores to the professional and you shall sit back at home and wait for your whities to return!

Call us for clothes bleaching services, we visit you for collection at your door step.

Bleaching works best for the following purposes:

  • Stubborn Stain
  • Yellowish marks after storage
  • Inner collar stain
  • Keep it white and bright

Shirt Bleaching

From $1000piece

Full Dress Bleaching

From $2500piece

Pants Bleaching

From $1500piece