Whether you are staying in Sentosa quayside isle or holding your events on the island, we understand there are  limited selection of service provider in Sentosa Island. Hence, Reward Laundry is extending our quality services to serve you at the island!

Many important life events are held there, your wedding, a special one birthday, the all special prom night, all on this beautiful island. And well, to save you the hassle getting in and out while enjoying that special days on the island, we will extend the personalised pick up on the door for all your laundry needs. From Laundry to Dry Cleaning or Wedding Gown Cleaning delivery, we will handle them all while you spend your precious time fully enjoying this place.

While most service provider impose hefty additional cost for delivery services into Sentosa Cove, you just need to spend a mere $100 dollars to have our team ringing your bell with no extra delivery charges.

Call now and speak to our customer service personnel to your needs at 6534 4843 or make an appointment for your pick up request.