As much as they’re decorative and practical, curtains are exposed to dust, pollutants, and airborne grim every day. Still, you’ve been ignoring them during your house cleaning ventures. When dust and dirt combine, your curtains may appear dull, old, and dingy.

Considering the huge size and weight of everyday curtains, cleaning them by yourself seems like a never-ending job, right? Moreover, you wouldn’t want to clean them in the washing machine and lose their core aesthetics, would you?

This is where curtains cleaning services near you can come in handy. Checking the review of your service provider is very vital in today’s consumer decision making process. You do not want things to go wrong with an inexperienced service provider. From appointment making to cleaning and installation process, many things could go out of your plan if you engage with a random merchant. With highly reputable curtain dry cleaner, you will enjoy peace of mind, even if there is an unexpected things to happen, your service provider will give you alternatives and support based on their past experiences.

Overview: Reward Laundry, Singapore

Reward Laundry, Singapore has been in the curtain dry cleaning business for years. With a large team of professional dry cleaners, we are able to provide a quality, timely, affordable, and unmatched dry-cleaning service all over Singapore.

As beautiful as they look, curtains get minimal attention in your household cleaning tasks. And if you’re reading this post, there are greater chances that you haven’t cleaned them after they were installed in the first place. Honestly, it takes a lot of effort to take them off and wash by yourselves – considering their weight and size.

Guess what? Our curtains dry cleaning service comes with pick up and delivery utility. Yes, there’s no need to worry about the hassle it’d take to wash your curtains.

Our Curtain Dry Cleaning Services

Being in the business for 8 years now, we’ve served over 25,000 customers in Singapore. You can choose one of the following options as it pleases you:

  • On-site Dry Clean: A professional team will be sent to your place for thorough curtain cleaning.

  • Curtain Dry Clean: We’ll pick up the curtains from your place and will deliver them back within the given deadline.

We have heard many horror stories from many consumer out there. Taking an extra step to do a research before making your decision can save you tons of time later. Find out what our customers has said about us over the years: