You remember it fit you perfectly when you bought your new shirt or dress. You then head home and wash it before you start to wear it. Strangely, after drying, your shirt or dress suddenly looks like it belongs to your kids! And when you look at the label, you had washed it according to the washing label instruction! Many types of material shrink when you wash them.Fret not! How is how you can prevent shrinking and stretching on your clothes.

Hand Wash

Hand washing is the most gentle way of washing you can give to your clothes. Especially for the first wash, where normally heavy washing is not required.

2. Use cold water

Do not use warm temperature setting in your washing machine. The heat generated will cause most different materials to shrink or stretch.

3. Gentle Wash Cycle

Most modern washing machine today do provide a gentle wash setting, so try using them! It will create less damage  during the spin.

4. Flat drying your clothes

Flat drying creates no gravity force on your clothes. it retains its shapes to its original. Without using the hanger, you prevent the risk of having hangers mark on you shoulders.

5. Dry Clean it with trusted dry cleaner

As dry cleaning is a type of washing without the presence of water, you may prevent shrinkage or stretching. Experienced dry cleaner understands the materials and they know what to do with them. With today’s technology, some dry cleaner provides more natural dry cleaning solutions that better protect your clothes.

Bear in mind that damage of shrinking and stretching of clothes is accumulative. The condition get worse each time you wash it wrongly. Especially in Singapore, where people are focused on presentations, most of us spend quite a fair bit to buy from our pieces from premium brands. With investment cost, you do not want to risk your favourite piece of clothing.

Reward Laundry provides full range dry cleaning services for all type of garments. You may contact our concierge at 6534 4843 for more information.