Reward Laundry is a Singapore based Laundry Company that offers the best of laundry service to its customers. We offer quality cleaning for everything you need which could range from bridal cleaning to folding and ironing services. We are very meticulous at what we do and ensure that every item of clothing you send over to us is carefully checked. Professional cleaners give attention to areas that need them; they restore your favourite garments while keeping in mind the specific needs of different types of materials. Our professional cleaners also employ the use of an amazing steaming technology while also paying utmost attention to the colour.

Reward Laundry is not just some average Singaporean based laundry service. There are hundreds of companies in Singapore that offer laundry service but we pride ourselves on being different. The reason we are different is because we care. We care about your opinions; we care about your needs, your choices and most of all your happiness. We are committed to ensuring that you always get the best possible service from us and that we leave you satisfied 100% of the time.

Our services include Home and Textile cleaning, Eco power dry cleaning, Laundry and ironing, corporate and contract cleaning and the best part- laundry pickup and delivery .We understand that the world is running at a scarily fast pace these days, this would mean less time to spend with the kids, less personal time for yourself and even less time for your laundry. Business meetings, carpooling your neighbours kids, grocery shopping, soccer practice or ballet recitals though very important can also be time consuming. This is why you need a Laundry Butler.

A laundry butler ensures that your laundry gets picked up on time and delivered to you on time. Our staffs are very professional and reliable. We understand the annoyance and displeasure when your clothes get mixed up with someone else’s, this why we only recruit the best of the best. We guaranty perfection right from when you first place that call to our call team who ensure your booking gets done right, giving you a confirmation and still follows up on your request. We feel the need to be with you every step of the way just because we care.

To show you just how committed we are to you and how confident and competent we are in rendering laundry services, our door to door delivery services are absolutely free on the island. Your convenience is our concern. The only stress we want you going through is picking up the phone to place a call to us. You are still very welcome if you choose to walk-in yourself after all we are located at the central business district, we also thought of making ourselves accessible to you hence the prime location.

Personalised Services

  • Shirts Starching
  • Request for crease on Jacket, Trousers, or Shirts
  • Fold or Hand Your Clothes
  • Designated Staff In Charge
  • Steam Pressing
  • On Time Delivery
  • Reminder on Laundry Return
  • Fold Straight or Half for your Trousers