Whether it is curtains or draperies, both are going to have an impact on the inner environment of your house. As they can become the house for germs, dust and dirt, you are required to keep them clean for protecting yourself from various harmful infections. Also, as the curtains make an appealing affect on the interior looks of your house, you are required to keep them clean and fresh always. How to do that? Here are some best tips by which you can ensure proper care and maintenance of your curtains and drapery.

  • Use Dry Clean Method to prevent shrinkage
    Most of the curtain fabric comes with “Only Dry Clean” label. But, still there are people who try to wash the curtains at home to save their money. As a result, they get faded and shrunk curtains after wash. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get your curtains and draperies dry cleaned to prevent shrinkage and color fading. Even if the curtains don’t have “Only Dry Clean” label, you should go for dry cleaning as the preferred option as it will retain the luster of the fabric.
  • Hire professional company
    Another recommendation is to engage a professional dry clean company to do the dismantling and installation for cleaning. There are different types of locks that are used for hanging up the curtains. As you may not be aware of the particular lock system, it would be better to engage a professional company so that your curtains will not get damaged in the process.
  • Clean curtain at least twice a year
    Though curtains are not that easy to wash, you are not required to wash them every month. Regular washing will also affect their sheen and fabric quality. On the other hand, it would be really harmful if you don’t get them washed for a very long time.Hence, it is recommended that you should get them cleaned twice or thrice a year.
  • Use a trusted company to get the right chemical to clean your curtains
    While looking for laundry and dry cleaning services, you will get many companies in the list. But, for ensuring the proper, deep and safe cleaning, you must check that whether the chemicals that particular company is using are safe for your curtain fabric or not.
  • Steam iron your curtain instead of pressing
    Curtains and drapers are likely to get wrinkled after washing or dry cleaning. In such a case, what many people will do is to iron them, which is NOT RECOMMENDED. As ironing can destroy the natural shine and fabric quality, you are always recommended to steam iron your curtains.
  • Remove stains immediately
    Curtains and drapes are not meant to be washed like other clothes as even light contact with liquid can damage their fabric. But, if you do get stains on your curtains, you should get them clean immediately.
  • Vacuum your curtain regularly
    As curtains and drapes remain folded most of the time, dust is likely to accumulate in those folds. To prevent this problem, you are recommended to vacuum your curtains regularly. You can do this on your own with the help of a vacuum and a brush.