Why Your Clothes Shrink?

By |2020-05-18T16:31:22+08:00May 18th, 2020|Dry Cleaning, Laundry|

Have you experienced washing your favourite dress and ended up with a 1-2 size smaller dress? Most of the time, we hear people say that the clothes shrink because of the heat from dryer. Is this true? Well, heat can be one of the triggers that cause the fabric to ‘shrink’, but it is [...]

What Is Colour Fastness In Laundry Of Clothing

By |2020-05-16T14:41:09+08:00May 16th, 2020|Dry Cleaning, Laundry|

Have you ever experienced washing a blue towel with a white shirt, and ended up with a stained, light blue shirt? This is an example of colour fastness, which is the resistance of a fabric to changes its colour characteristics (e.g. fading or bleeding) or to transfer its colours to other fabrics. In this [...]

Best Ironing Service in Singapore

By |2020-05-08T11:36:50+08:00February 10th, 2020|delivery, Dry Cleaning, Laundry|

We have all been there, stuck abroad with a suitcase full of dirty laundry and nothing to do about it. It seems we finally have some good news as Reward Laundry is looking to change that. Reward Laundry is a very highly regarded laundry and cleaning service in Singapore. They offer a [...]

Kids Friendly Laundry Service Singapore

By |2019-09-24T18:11:40+08:00September 24th, 2019|Dry Cleaning, Laundry|

Your time is precious and scarce, especially if you live in an urban area like Singapore. Even more precious is having a great professional appearance at work; your kids need to appear neatly at school and in social gatherings! When you add your kids' laundry to your existing workload, the problem becomes even more [...]

Laundry VS Dry Cleaning Services In Singapore

By |2019-05-26T18:05:04+08:00April 18th, 2018|Dry Cleaning, General, Laundry|

Need clean clothes? Do you know what’s the difference between laundry and dry cleaning? Both laundry washing and dry cleaning are targeted at removing stains. However, as the very names suggest, laundering involves conventional cleaning of clothes with water, detergent, and softener, while dry cleaning refers to cleaning using solvent without the use of [...]

Cheap Laundry Service Singapore

By |2019-05-26T18:05:04+08:00April 16th, 2018|delivery, Dry Cleaning, General, Laundry|

The standard of living in Singapore is understandably expensive but that doesn't mean that you could not get good value out of your laundry services. When it comes to quality, that can also be challenging in your search because you want it to be as perfect as it can be. Plus, you want it [...]

Mould Removal Service Singapore

By |2021-02-19T10:22:53+08:00November 8th, 2017|Dry Cleaning, Laundry|

Sometime when you forget to remove your clothes from the washing machine you could face mould problems, this can become a problem for some. If you do not know how to deal with the situation. Here in this article you can find ways to deal with the problems you face when it comes to [...]


By |2023-03-30T12:22:34+08:00September 16th, 2017|delivery, Dry Cleaning, General, Laundry|

星加坡专业干洗收送服务,拥有超过10年经验, 最大收送团队。多年来我们服务超过5万户家顾客,提供一站式干洗,洗衣服务。是您值得信赖的洗衣伙伴。 拨打我们的热线,友善的客户人员将会依据您的需要,安排收送流程。 专业的收送团队,星加坡全岛收送。确保您的衣物准时送到。 保证满意的服务,让您能够轻松享受生活的美好。 服务种类 我们的环保洗条技术能够干洗,水洗各类衣物,床单,地毯。再加上隔离试干洗,使病毒不会交叉感染,一切都是为了带给您更卫生的服务。 全面家居洗护,沙发套,地毯,床单,窗帘,一站式拆装收送。让您高枕无忧享受轻松的时光。 专业婚纱清洗,护理,修补,保存服务。根据礼服的材质、饰物和各种污迹,定制专门的清洗程序。定制婚纱保存盒,10年以上保存。 联系我们 随着国人对优质干洗服务需求的提升, Reward Laundry 近年来也快速成长,提供高品质的流程方案,满足客户需求。感谢客户的支持,让我们成为最快速成长洗衣公司之一。 我们的总店坐落在新加坡金融中心,政府大厦地铁旁,服务来自世界各地的旅客和本地顾客。今天就致电体验我们非凡的服务品质。从拨打热线或网上预约,到登门到府,我们的团队提供一致性的服务品质,利用最新科技来提高效率,绝对是您的最佳选择。 [...]


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