How To Clean Roman Blinds


Is your roman blinds looking dirty and dusty? We recommend you to wipe clean your roman blinds at least once a month. And at least twice a year, take them down and send them for professional cleaning. Change your velcro once a year as well to avoid over accumulation of dust. You may [...]

Best Ironing Service in Singapore


We have all been there, stuck abroad with a suitcase full of dirty laundry and nothing to do about it. It seems we finally have some good news as Reward Laundry is looking to change that. Reward Laundry is a very highly regarded laundry and cleaning service in Singapore. They offer a [...]

Canada Goose Jacket Cleaning Singapore


Canadian Goose Winter Jackets are popular for various reasons can be used in any winter setting. After traveling with them and using it everywhere under the cold, snowy skies, they have to be dry cleaned properly. Because of its delicacy, you want to have the right place to take care of it and clean [...]

Curtains Cleaning Services Review Singapore


As much as they’re decorative and practical, curtains are exposed to dust, pollutants, and airborne grim every day. Still, you’ve been ignoring them during your house cleaning ventures. When dust and dirt combine, your curtains may appear dull, old, and dingy. Considering the huge size and weight of everyday curtains, cleaning them by yourself [...]

Best Laundry Review Singapore


Reward Laundry goes above and beyond for quick dry cleaning and laundry services that fulfill what customers want every week with our clothes we clean. For the past 8 years, we have served Singapore in performing the best laundry and dry cleaning services and are highly [...]

Chinese Wedding Kua Cleaning Services


Over the past 7 years, Reward Laundry has developed experienced personnel to use the various equipment needed for the dry cleaning and drying procedures for Kua cleaning. We use exceptional and exclusive processes to care for the home, businesses, and special occasions garments and fabrics. The exceptional [...]

Fabric Odour Removal Service Singapore


Some odours stick with clothes more than others and the worst ones feel almost impossible to get out. Instead of throwing out old clothes that have some kind of odour stuck to them you can come to us and let us deal with it for you. By promising to remove 100% of the odour [...]

Curtain Cleaning Services At Yishun Singapore


Hello folks from Yishun area! Are you looking for Curtain Dry Cleaning Pick up at your neighbourhood? We pick up from your door step include dismantle and installation services. Save your time to your families and leave the chores to us. Our schedule for your area are: [...]


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