Some odours stick with clothes more than others and the worst ones feel almost impossible to get out. Instead of throwing out old clothes that have some kind of odour stuck to them you can come to us and let us deal with it for you. By promising to remove 100% of the odour and leaving your clothes clean and smelling amazing, you can save yourself the pain of getting rid of your favourite clothes all because of a smell.

Pet odour and vomit odour are two of the ones that we most commonly deal with and as we have spent the last 8 years delivering a top quality service to Singapore we are confident in our ability to remove odour from even the worst smelling fabrics. There is nothing worse than going to pull on some of your favourite clothes only to find out the smell is horrible. The longer these smells linger the more difficult it becomes to remove them at home and that’s where we come in.

Our odour treatment is specialized to suit each item that comes in as we know you can easily damage your clothing when trying to remove odours. For this reason we suggest bringing it straight in to our team instead of trying to remove the smell at home, you run a higher risk of damaging your clothes without the proper care and attention fabrics needs.

Vomit odour is particularly prevalent on clothes that are for special occasions and these types of items tend to come in high quality materials that demand extra care and attention. As delicate materials are difficult to tend to at home even at the best of times, it’s essential for your best dress clothes to be treated well and we offer a service like no other.

Not only are we able to get rid of the nasty odours but we’re able to offer you a variety of services to suit you and your convenience:

  • EcoPower – For those who are worried about the impact that generic washing materials have on the planet we are able to offer a specialized service that will leave your clothes clean and fresh but without the negative effects on the environment.
  • Laundry – We run a standard laundry service that will be able to get rid of even the worst odours you find on your clothes.
  • Laundry Pick Up & Delivery – We understand that a hectic schedule can make it difficult to find time to do the laundry and as a result of this we offer a pick up & delivery service at times that are convenient for you.

Finding a nasty odour on your clothes doesn’t mean you have to get rid of them but for long lasting effects and having your clothes treated well, it’s worth it to go the extra mile. We can rescue your clothes from even the most lingering odours and will treat your clothes with the love and respect they deserve. You couldn’t leave them in better hands if you tried.