Graduation Gown Dry Cleaning – Maintaining The Proud

Years of hard work and persistence rewards you with an overwhelming joy of wearing the gown of glory! The Graduation Gown! You can never forget the proud moment of wearing it when the whole auditorium was applauding and your parents down there were clapping with tears of joy! You must have preserved those memories deep in your heart and quick flashback of them must be making you smile diligently. Your wardrobe welcomed the gown but are you preserving it well? Are you keeping that honour alive? If not, then it is the time to get it dry-cleaned by our team of experts and hang it in the wardrobe with revived feelings.

If you are part of that industry which has become part of everydayness and in the business of renting these gowns then we can be of utterly help to you. It is your prime duty to take care of every gown so that whomsoever rents it can see it with a sense of respect and we can help you in fulfilling this duty with our state of the art dry-cleaning service.


We understand that cleaning of each and every gown is customized as it depends upon the fabric, type and accessories of gown and thus our experts take care of the process. Velvet, cordage, ribbon, lining and silk type of material are treated with so much care and attention that you can be absolutely relieved of its dry cleaning.


Various accessories and lot of emotions together make up an attire called as ‘gown’ and our specialised mechanisms make sure that each and every part is handled uniquely. Different parts of gown like mortar board aka graduation cap needs to be cleaned in and out with supreme delicacy and care and we make sure to attain it. The tassels are not something which can get cleaned by simply rubbing them off, they need to be cleaned sleekly using appropriate chemicals to make sure its bindings don’t weaken and our cleaning team makes sure that it is handled properly. Faculty hood completes the gown and is little silky in material and thus we make sure that its colour, shape and softness remains intact even after getting cleaned.


If there are any stains on the gown then you can rely on us for getting it off from the threads without affecting the surface of the gown. All the inner and outer layers are dealt with utmost care and softness. You would be happy to know that our range of dry cleaning service includes steaming as well and thus cleaning of full set of gown is what we offer.

We are one stop shop for all your cleaning needs. The motto which drives our idea lies in the fact that cleaning is next to the act of God! Just like you always offer new and fresh things to the God, similarly washing and cleaning is the manner through which you not only make the things stain free but give afresh beginning to everything. Our wide range of dry cleaning services will meet all your diversified needs. Along with this, we are stepping in the segment of mattress cleaning to provide hygienic solutions to your home.