If you are living in Singapore and feel the heat of rising inflation disturbing your monthly budget every now and then, your problem is totally believable and relatable. Living in Singapore has become quite a task especially with all the price surge and expensive services and such situation calls for cost cutting and demand control for sure. However, when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, you certainly can’t afford to go into a denial mode especially when an established laundry like ours is offering the most reliable cleaning services to all the residents of this island and that too at the most attractive price that you’ll ever come across. Amongst all the cleaning services offered by us, curtain dry cleaning is certainly one service that we specialise in more than any other cleaning agency in Singapore present today.

Curtain laundry is definitely one task that every house maker tends to avoid because this humongous task requires so much of effort and time that none of you can afford to devote. But curtain cleaning is imperative to take up especially when hygiene and germ control needs to be ensured. Reward laundry serves as a one stop destination for curtain dry cleaning and that too in the most effective and swiftest manner. No matter, you use a day curtain or a night one or are in possession of a blackout draper, our team of professional dry cleaners and technicians would make sure to clean them with the best of their abilities by using the latest dry cleaning technology available.

A number of people dread the task of giving their curtains for cleaning because doing so requires them to dismantle and install the curtains, thereby leading to wastage of their time. At Reward Cleaning, we have designed our curtain cleaning services keeping all these issues in mind and this is why we offer not just an amazing island-wide pickup and delivery service but also dismantle and installation services to all our esteemed customers. This means that once you hire us for your drapery cleaning, we’ll not just reach you at the earliest for collecting the curtains but our team of technicians would also carefully remove your drapes and bring them to our laundry for dry cleaning. Our task would not just end there, our team would reach you after the cleaning is done with brand-new looking curtains and would install them at your place under your vigilance.

Curtains are undoubtedly one of the most overlooked furnishings of any household and commercial establishment. They soak all kinds of dust and dirt and even accumulate a number of stains on daily basis. No matter it is the overbearing chocolate stain or the adamant beer stain, once you decide to hire our services you can be assured of neat and tidy curtains free from all kinds of stains and dust.

So, don’t live amongst those shabby curtains and drapes anymore, contact Reward Laundry to hire our specialised curtain cleaning services and sit back to admire the beauty of your clean and tidy drapes at the earliest.