When travelling out of Singapore for school holidays, people always face a dilemma when it comes to laundry. Many are used to doing laundry at home with their dry cleaning machines while others make use of the dry cleaning services such as Reward Laundry. When traveling out, the issue of laundry always gives them a headache. People have to decide between packing a lot of clothes to sustain them throughout the holiday period or to take the risk of carrying less and do laundry every now and then.

If they decides to pack several clothes, enough to sustain them for the period, then they might end up bringing too many items. Morever, there is a limit to the amount of luggage a person can take on top of catering space for the things you want to buy on your tour. In such a situation, it is recommended that you carry fewer clothes, and do more dry cleaning and laundry. Doing laundry while traveling can be a hassle and many people fail to plan on how to go about doing it while travelling during the school holidays.

To help you,  here are some important tips for addressing dry cleaning and laundry needs:

  • Plan wisely what to carry

    People should ensure that they pack their clothes accordingly. It’s wise to take lighter, quick drying garments and those that do not require ironing. Also, it is also advisable to take clothes which can give you the most use with less cleaning.  For example, outer shirts and some pants can be worn a number of times before cleaning them.

  • Be clear on which option to use for the clothes you carry

    Be clear which clothes require dry cleaning and which items can be load washed. While travelling, most places have companies like Reward Laundry who offer dry cleaning and load wash options and are able to do express cleaning if required. So be clear on what clothes required which type of cleaning so that you won’t be in a frantic state when you urgently need to send some clothes to be cleaned asap after hiking , camping or skiing in the snow.

  • Carry portable clotheslines

    While most every guest house or hostel will provide an option for hanging your laundry, it’s always safer to carry a clothesline. Clotheslines give a solution for drying clothes since you can hang them anywhere in the room. They offer a quick way of drying clothes, especially if the room is well ventilated.

  • Carry enough supplies

    If you are checking hotels,  there will be self-service laundry option available. Therefore, always ensure that you carry enough laundry supplies such as fabric softener and detergents.

  • Time your laundry appropriately

    Avoid letting your dirty clothes to pile up to avoid being caught off-guard. Always have some back up clothes and do your laundry timely to avoid a situation where you have nothing to wear.

  • Separate clean clothes from dirty clothes

    Never keep dirty and clean clothes together since it can make keeping track of what needs cleaning very difficult. Mixing them might confuse you and you might even wash the clean clothes, which is just a waste of time.

  • Wash yours clothes in the sink

    As a last resort,  you can wash your clothes in the sink if needed. This method is quick and easy, and all you require is soap and water.

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