Curtain Dry Cleaning Services For HDB

Curtains added a beauty to the interiors of your home and their regular cleaning is also very important. The basic purpose of curtains is to protect your room from sunlight, dirt and dust. When dust particles become more compact then they make the curtains dull looking and cause allergens that lead to the breathing problems also. The growth of dirt and dust can be quite significant in curtains. Hence, curtain washing is very important if you want to keep away yourself from breathing problems.

In Singapore more than 80% of the population lives in the HDB. In HDB space is very small as well there are also many restrictions made by the landlord if you plan to decorate your room. As compare to landed house the curtains of HDB are dirtier due to small space. Curtains are an important part of HDB and it needs a lot of care for maintaining its quality. Longevity of curtains can be obtained by their proper care. Apart from this, it is very time consuming and tiring to dismantle the curtains and wash curtains in home. Therefore, the best solution to this problem is that you should hire the professional curtain dry cleaning company to clean for you.

The best dry cleaning company in Singapore is Reward Laundry. We are located in business district and are highly acclaimed among our customers due to our punctuality. We have a team of experts who are passionate for obtaining the best results for each and every curtain. Our workers uninstall and after dry cleaning install your curtains very efficiently. High quality solution is used for dry cleaning the curtains so that dust, allergens and stains are removed from the curtains. Customer satisfaction is our main aim that’s why we communicate personally with each and every customer in a professional way.

We are distinguished from other dry cleaning companies in Singapore due to our some good features. These features are as following:

  • The cost of dry cleaning curtains for HDB is very affordable and is also based on condition and material of your curtain. Or you can also call us for price estimation.
  • Free pickup and delivery facility is also provided.
  • As per the choice of our customers we can also provide the facility of curtain dry wash.
  • We guarantee to deliver your curtain after dry cleaning in 4-5 working days and in case of urgency we deliver it to you in 2 days.
  • Our experts remove all the microscopic particles effectively.
  • We also assure no shrinkage of curtains.
  • We use best equipments and proper techniques for dry cleaning curtains in an efficient manner.
  • We ensure our customers to offer them reliable services.
  • Provide proficient curtain dry cleaning services for HDB.
  • Fast process of dismantling and installing of curtains is done by our experts.
  • In addition to this, we also give an option to our valuable customers to book online or call on our hotline.