Apron is a simple piece of cloth. However, it is important to wear an apron due to the following reasons.

  • It can get quite messy. Yes, cooking is a hobby most enjoy , however, it can get quite messy with all the chopping, mixing and the actual process of cooking itself.
  • Protect self from being infected. Our clothes itself do carry germs that were collected throughout the day and wearing an apron helps to prevent the germs from falling into the food, especially after the food had been cooked

For chefs, the apron is also a must-have because:


  • Ability to clean up quickly. As chefs, the chances of being splashed with water and oil are likely to be high and by wearing an apron, they are able to quickly clean up and continue working in clean working clothes environment.
  • White represent Clean. White clean aprons on chefs have traditionally meant that the chef’s kitchen is very clean and brings confidence to the customers that the food is hygienically prepared.
  • It Offers protection. Not known to many, full length aprons actually offer additional protection against the heat and burns while cooking.

With the offer of so many benefits by wearing an apron, it is important to ensure your apron is throughly clean and pressed as far as possible. Ketchup, soy sauce, condiments, spices, chills are a handful of things that could stain your apron and many a times, to get them off the apron requires a significant amour of effort. In addition, as chefs, the amount of aprons to be cleaned are usually significant, if not, many.

By using professional dry cleaners like Reward Laundry, it will offer you alternative options to get your aprons throughly cleaned, with stains removed and professionally pressed at all times. Being experts in the field, the professional dry cleaners are able to identity the fabric well and provide the right treatment to it and apply right stain removal procedures to handle the different and difficult stains on your apron. To offer an even greater convenience, most dry cleaners like Reward Laundry, are able to pick up at your home or restaurant’s doorstep and send them back cleaned, stain removed and professionally ironed within two to four working days, depending on your needs.

Contracted service and corporate rates are also available upon request.