How Curtain Dry Cleaning is important For Landed House?

Curtains are the most important accessories in offices and homes as it reflects your style statement or taste .Curtains shield you from the direct sunlight and also provide cooling during night time. It also helps in maintaining your privacy. If you do not clean the curtains on time then you may prone to dust allergy due to dust in the curtains. So you cannot ignore the cleaning of curtains for your house. Sometimes curtains become dirty due to some stains like wine, drink, food etc. Dry cleaning curtain is very effective method of cleaning such stains. Dry cleaning helps in maintaining the elegance of the curtains. You don’t need to worry about the charges as there are many companies in Singapore which offer dry cleaning of curtains at economic prices.

Why you should dry clean your curtain?

The reason behind the dry cleaning of curtains is that it will prevent colour fading as well as shrinkage of your curtains. The stains of grease and oils can also be removed by dry cleaning. It will save your energy and time also. You should get curtain dry clean after every 4-6 months so that stain can be removed on right time otherwise it will be dry and will be difficult to get rid of it. If you give curtains to well known dry cleaning company then it will be more beneficial to you as they will deliver on right time and in a desired manner. Holes caused by acid spillage or insects are also recovered by dry cleaning. Professional dry cleaners do their work with so much dedication that you will dry clean the curtains again and again.

Our company Reward laundry is among the best companies in the Singapore. We provide delivery services for curtain in every part of Singapore. We take special care of customer needs. Our professional dry cleaners clean every curtain separately using curtain cleaner as per the fabric type and label instruction. We use spot cleaning method to eliminate stubborn stains accumulated over the years.

We provide the following cleaning services:-

  • Our staff dry cleans the curtain professionally for landed house.
  • We also offer services for dismantle as well as installation of curtains of different height.
  • We clean your curtains in 4-5 working days.
  • There are no charges for picking up and delivering curtains. Our staff will visit your office or home to weight the curtains and will also give professional suggestions.
  • Our dry cleaners dismantle and install curtains so fast that they do all the work within one hour.
  • The customers can do booking conveniently. They can book their order either by online or by calling on our hotline 6534 4843.
  • We can dry clean your curtains within 2 days also if you want them urgently.