Dry cleaning companies in Singapore are very unique. Companies provide pick up and home delivery services to its customers at reasonable rates. Dry cleaning companies do their work so efficiently that clothes appear to be brand new even if we use them after a long time. Dry cleaning maintains the life of a cloth, you must do it before it is too late. You must dry clean each and every cloth that you wear in office.

  • Business Suit Cleaning :-

    It is one of the effective ways of making good image in the company. There is a lot of risk in home washing like shrinkage, colour fadedness etc but dry cleaning keeps the clothes as it is. If you don’t wear good looking clothes especially in company than it will create bad impression on your employees. So you should wear proper dry cleaned business suits.

  • Tuxedo cleaning:-

    In the same way you should do tuxedo cleaning as it is also an important part of your office clothes. Whenever you see some stains on tuxedo, you should immediately give it for dry cleaning. It is very important to clean suit or tuxedo at the right time otherwise it will be destroyed and you will waste your money that you spend on buying them.

  • Jacket dry cleaning:-

    Jacket cleaning is also important in a similar way. Most of us simply wash jacket at home but it will destroy the quality of clothes rather than cleaning it. So you must dry clean your jacket also so that your time as well as money can be saved.

  • Trouser dry cleaning:-

    Trouser is a main part of your daily dress hence it cannot be neglected. Hence you should stress on trouser dry cleaning also. Clothes have a great impact on your professional image, thus you must wear clean clothes.

There are many companies in Singapore that do the job of a dry cleaning but our company Reward Laundry is one of the best company in Singapore expert in one-stop cleaning services. Our experienced dry cleaners know very well how to retain the freshness of the clothes. We offer several services like clothing and household cleaning services at affordable rates in comparison to the other companies. Here are the following services provided by our company:-

  • We clean the clothes professionally so that the sharpness of the suit can be maintained.
  • If any customer demand for giving special attention on pressing crease of jackets and pants then we fulfill his/her demand.
  • We know the effective ways of cleaning stains.
  • We have specific skills for ironing the padded jacket to preserve its shape and style.
  • We also have knowledge of environment friendly ways for protecting the delicate material of the suits. We don’t use harmful chemicals that damage the quality of cloth.
  • Our company is located in that area where anybody can reach us easily.
  • If any customer wants clothes urgently then we will provide it within a given time limit.
  • We also provide door to door collection services for the convenience of our customers.