Trench coats have a long and rich history. Much more than an accessory, today the trench coat has evolved into an iconic piece in fashion.

Trench coats are must-haves for the wardrobe. While fashion clothing quickly come and go, a trench coat never really goes out of fashion. Aside from being a trendy piece of apparel, it also serves purpose as your protection from the harsh weather when it rains or snows.

Trench coats are typically knee-length or at about mid-knee length. They are consist of a button down coat and comes with a waist tie. They can be made out of various materials including cotton, polyester, twill, leather or wool. Some are even a combination of different kinds of fabric and some come with waterproof materials. Today, they also come in all styles, colors, and patterns so finding one that’s perfect for you should no longer be much of a challenge.

It goes without saying that trench coats are great investments in your closet as long as they are well taken care of and they get the proper cleaning that they need. However, cleaning your trench coats may call for extra care and attention. Otherwise, your trench coat will easily go out of shape and the delicate fabric may get damaged. Hence, proper trench coat care is a must to protect its fabric and color and ultimately, so your coat will last long you long.

Reward Laundry offers the best solution for your trench coat dry cleaning needs. Serving thousands of households across Singapore for more than seven years, they take pride in the impeccable quality of the professional dry cleaning services they offer.

Reward Laundry understands that trench coats require special care and handling, depending on the fabric materials which they are made of. At Reward Laundry you can be assured that:

  • We know the most effective ways to treat and remove even the toughest stains from your trench coat.
  • We take care of your trench coats so they stay in the right shape.
  • We provide the right care needed for every clothing with special types of materials.
  • Your trench coat’s colour is well-protected and preserved.
  • We have the specific skills needed for ironing your coat where applicable.
  • At Reward Laundry, we do not use harmful chemicals in cleaning that don’t just potentially damage the quality of your coat’s fabric material but are also harmful to the environment.
  • We provide quick service, with same-day dry cleaning service available for your urgent needs.
  • For added convenience, we offer door to door collection services.

So, make sure your trench coats stand the tests of time and weather the years with you – which you can only get when you ensure you give them the proper care and cleaning. For your trench coat cleaning needs, trust only the professional services from Reward Laundry. Visit them at our convenient location in Singapore’s city center or you can call them for a door to door delivery or to set up an appointment.