Curtains are a must when talking about interior decorations, in schools, curtains add a sense of privacy preventing the wind from making a mess on the classrooms and blocking the right amount of sun, they also add a sense of elegancy that incites thinking and meditation, but curtains like any other textile decoration need periodic attention.

It is easy to overlook the maintenance of our curtains, some may even think that we can forget our curtains the moment we hang them and leave them be, but curtains can attract dust and get smelly, in some cases they can get mold.

It is best to wash our curtains about every three to 6 months, because due to their placement they act as filter for the particles that pass through the windows. Washing the curtains regularly will keep them in good shape and extend their product life.

Here at Reward Laundry, we have above 8 years of experience offering one of the best laundry services in Singapore. And to support our professional service, we also have one of the largest delivery services in Singapore

If we want a healthy environment in our schools, we must aim for clean and fresh curtains, many kids have allergies and curtains made of fabric may attract many common allergens, like dust, mold spores, pollen and hair from animals. Also, mold spores not only can trigger allergies, they can permanently damagefabric curtains too. Our Schools Curtains Cleaning Services offer the best services available, thus providing a healthy environment for any school’s students.

Our Schools Curtains Cleaning Services take about 4 or 5 working days, but clients that use our Express service can enjoy a 48 hours return service. We rate our Express service at double the normal prices. We are also specialized in the dry cleaning service which is the best way to remove dirt and stains from your curtains. Every curtain is treated individually according to their fabric type and label, making sure that your school’s curtains receive the best treatments available.

Dry cleaning curtain is one of the best methods to clean curtains. We use this method because it does not involve any liquid, thus preventing the shrinkage of your curtain. Our dry cleaning process is soft on the curtains we receive.However, it is best to replace them when their material seems old. Our Schools Curtains Cleaning Services use an Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning that ensures high quality and is designed to protect your curtains and prevent color fading using our EcoPower Solution, making Reward Laundry the best option when looking for eco-friendly professional services.

You do not need to dismantle or install the school’s curtains by yourself. Our staff is trained to offer flexible services of installation and dismantling of curtains. Our staff will come to your school so they can carefully retrieve the curtains without interrupting the school activities, and then properly place them.

Our Schools Curtains Cleaning Services will offer delivery services that are available island-wide. If you need our services you only need to contact us!

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