If you an office in Singapore which is smart, promotes your brand and is considered to be one of the top interior designed offices on the island the last thing you need is for your office curtains to look shoddy .

Most curtains do not respond well to washing and sometimes even not to dry cleaning .The incorrect cleaning can cause shrinkage and fabric damage .Curtains  are like filters . They absorb airborne pollutants and allergens and fumes. Even if office curtains do not look that dirty they should be cleaned often as this will also increase their lifespan .

This is one of the reasons that we ( Reward Laundry ) offer a fast efficient time saving service .

In business the saying time is money is very true . For this reason we have a on site curtain cleaning service .

Normal cleaning service can take as long as a week but our professional teams at Reward Laundry have the equipment and knowledge to visit your offices carry out the cleaning all within the space of a few hours .

Advantages of on the spot office cleaning service

  • We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround time in your office . The efficient cleaning will be carried out with very little disruption to your business .

  • We care for our environment so offer a service that is environmentally friendly . The steaming method that we use sanitises and kills all germs .

  • Curtains remain at the position without dismantling, this will reduce damage and wrinkle free guarantee.

  • We will work around a time that suits your office routine.

  • Privacy is protected as curtains are never taken down.

Importance of using a specialist when cleaning your curtains

  • Whilst our onsite office curtain cleaning service is very useful there are times when particularly with certain fabrics that curtains need to be removed and either washed or dry cleaned .

  • We offer both washing and dry cleaning professional services.

  • We can schedule a visit to your offices (or even a home!) and arrange to dismantle your curtains take them into our laundry premises and dry clean or wash to the highest standards.

  • It is very important that a specialist is appointed to clean your curtains . In particular dry cleaning .We have the expertise to dry clean all types of curtains . Dry cleaning can dissolve grease and oil stains in a way that machine washing cant .Dry cleaning helps return curtains to a “like new” condition.

  • Our professional team have the expert knowledge to deal with any stains and will ensure that your curtain fabric is treated with care so there is no shrinkage or colour washing .

One of the great advantages of using any of our office curtain cleaning service is that we are very flexible in making appointments which will suit your environment and schedule. We offer a 7 day customer service with free delivery all over the Singapore Island. In addition we have an on line customer service query/helpline during office hours. You do not even have to pick up the phone to arrange a booking.

Our friendly staff will help if required with dismantling and hanging curtains or just collecting from your office.